Friday, July 20, 2012

TV news re: SEC media days, Big 12 & C-USA

  • SEC kickoff times were announced on Monday morning.  Here's a few things that were interesting about the announcement
    • To alleviate the glut of games, coupled with the limitations for institutional games and available TV windows, the SEC Network syndication package has a doubleheader on 9/8.  From what I've been told, the SEC requested a few years ago that ESPN discontinue the practice of multiple games in the same telecast windows for the syndication package.  9/8 also happens to be one of the two weeks where CBS doesn't have an SEC telecast.
    • From what some folks have informed me, the CSS and FSN regional cable packages will not have an increased number of telecasts at this time.  So ESPN will have the burden of filling as many slots as possible.  And exclusivity with CBS still exists at 3:30pm and 8pm.
    • When the Idaho-LSU game came out as a PPV game prior to the complete telecast list, a few folks were surprised since the Towson game on 9/29 would be a logical choice for PPV.  And it is a logical choice.  The difference is that 9/29 only has five SEC home games where 9/15 had ten games to fit in several telecast windows.
    • It has been explained to me, and trying to get additional verification, that if you only have six home games, you may not be guaranteed an institutional game.  If that holds true, neither Texas A&M nor Vanderbilt would be guaranteed a local/PPV game.  If I were a TV partner, Texas A&M scheduling two home games vs. FCS competition would not please me if I had to televise both.
    • And Project X...its being worked on.  It will be a reality sooner than later.
  • FOX College Sports took on seven C-USA games last week
    • These are not part of the existing contract with FOX for twenty games on FSN, F/X or FOX
    • My feeling is that FOX College Sports may not have many, if any, Big 12 games, so C-USA will fill that void
    • I'm not aware if FOX will pick up any other games along the way.  There's a few other games out there, but may be part of the C-USA Digital Network managed through the website hosting for C-USA provided by CBS College.
  • Big 12 kickoff times should come out on Monday or Tuesday as part of the conference's media day
    • Two were leaked via Conference USA recently.  Tulsa-Iowa St. on FSN with a time TBA on 9/1 and Rice-Kansas at 3:30pm on 9/8, also on FSN
    • The C-USA media guide also gives away that Marshall-WVU would air at 12pm ET on F/X.
    • One person mentioned to me that Texas and/or ESPN may be considering only airing one Texas football game this upcoming year on Longhorn Network, and that may have been the holdup.  Presumably they would be choosing either the Wyoming or New Mexico game.  With the ESPN slots all full for the 1st three weeks, ABC might have to carry one of the two games on a regional basis.
    • Indirectly, any discussion one of the 1st two Texas games airing on ABC would affect who televises Miami (FL)-Kansas St.  If they took the Wyoming game for the LHN game, ABC might try to televise Miami-KSt. regionally on ABC.
    • I don't know if there is any residual affect to FOX possibly televising Big 12 games if LHN televises only the one Texas game that they are allotted under the existing Big 12 contract rules.

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