Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Administrative change with use of WatchESPN & ESPN3 links

Hi.  With the changes to WatchESPN and ESPN3 making them distinctly separate products, though loosely intertwined, I'm going to make some changes when it comes to listing them on the site.

Going forward, only one of the two link images will be listed.  WatchESPN will be listed for any game that requires the WatchESPN service to view the game.  Typically those games are ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU games.

ESPN3 will be used for games that are exclusively on ESPN3 plus games available on the ESPN GamePlan service.

The reason for the change is two-fold:

1) It will allow me a little extra real estate in the "Coverage Notes" area of each games
2) WatchESPN includes games on ESPN3

In essence, I'll be listing the minimum ESPN internet service required to view each game.  Consider WatchESPN the higher ranking of the two services.

Thank you.

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