Sunday, September 16, 2012

Week Five (9/29) CFB 12 day TV Predictions

A few notes
* Advance listings for FOX College Sports list a 7pm Big 12 game
* Several of the RSNs carrying the ACC cable package list two game slots: 12/12:30pm & 3:30/4pm
* There is no SEC FOX regional slot this week
* Based on MLB listings, TCU-SMU likely airs at 12pm ET because of a FSSW Rangers telecast at 8pm ET.  That could change if FOX chooses the Rangers for a regional MLB telecast
* A case could be made to swap the Virginia Tech-Cincy and Florida St.-USF games as long as the ABC 3:30pm slot is a two game split.  If for some reason three games were split regionally, VT-Cincy stays at 6pm.

Baylor at West Virginia 12pm F/X
Minnesota at Iowa, 12pm ESPN/ESPN2 (time confirmed)
Indiana at Northwestern, 12pm ESPN/ESPN2
NC State at Miami (FL), 12pm ESPNU
TCU at SMU, 12pm FSN
Marshall at Purdue, 12pm BTN
South Carolina at Kentucky, 12pm SEC Net
Idaho at North Carolina, 12pm ACC RSN
Clemson at Boston College, 12:30pm ACC Net (semi confirmed)
Oregon vs. Washington St., 3pm Pac-12 Net
Tennessee at Georgia, 3:30pm CBS
Ohio St. at Michigan St., 3:30pm ABC/ESPN
Florida St. at USF, 3:30pm ABC/ESPN
Louisiana Tech at Virginia, 3:30pm ESPNU
Penn St. at Illinois, 3:30pm BTN
Duke at Wake Forest, 3:30pm ACC Net
Arizona St. at California, 4pm F/X
Virginia Tech vs. Cincinnati, 6pm ESPN2
UCLA at Colorado, 6:30pm Pac-12 Net
Ole Miss at Alabama, 7pm ESPN
Towson at LSU, 7pm ESPNU
Missouri at UCF, 7pm FSN
Texas Tech at Iowa St., 7pm FOX College Sports
Nevada at Texas St., 7pm Longhorn Network
Texas at Oklahoma St., 7:30pm FOX (semi-confirmed)
Arkansas at Texas A&M, 9:15pm ESPN2
Oregon St. at Arizona, 10:30pm ESPN

ESPN3 exclusive
Middle Tennessee at Georgia Tech

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