Saturday, June 29, 2013

More site refactoring completed.

Decided to do additional refactoring this morning on the site.  Should boost performance in mobile/tablet & traditional desktop/laptop viewings.  Links have again changed slightly, but allows me even more code maintenance savings and you, the user, a consistent experience.

What has left the site:

  • For all football seasons, the conference composition & broadcasters pages.  The conference composition page was rather worthless and a maintenance headache if a school switched conferences or changed their website's domain name.  The broadcasters page was redundant compared to the individual conferences' pages and also a maintenance issue as it required yearly updates to keep pace with a conference's TV contract.  Better for me to keep it in one place to maintain.
  • Basketball seasons 2006-07 through 2010-11.  They will be back, as quickly as I can get them entered into the system.  2005-06 is halfway done.  It is summer.  I'll get to them on a rainy day, maybe.
Improvements (mostly for the techies)
  • Microsoft MVC 4 is in use.  That means more compression when delivering content.  Should mean quicker page loads. 
  • Smaller code base for me to maintain.  Compared to the code base of three weeks ago, the code base size is 80% smaller than the old base.
  • Some enhancements due to new URLs

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