Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Small tidbit re: Mountain West Digital Network

Edited to account for a follow up question answered by Javan

Received an email back from Javan Hedlund, the Mountain West associate commissioner in charge of football communications.  Two items from his email:

* There will be five games exclusive to the MWDN.
* The ROOT Sports games will be streamed.

If you are considered to be in-market for ROOT Sports, you will only be able to view the games on television.  The online stream is specifically for out-of-market viewers.

As for the five exclusive, I would guess right now that they could be a mix of conference & non-conference games.

With five exclusives, plus the ten ROOT games and 44 telecasts split between CBS Sports Network and ESPN, expect there to be additional coexists between regional TV and the MWDN.  Nevada announced that their home game vs. Hawai'i would be televised on the island on PPV and available via the MWDN, so more regional TV & online coexists could be forthcoming.


bigddan11 said...

Personally I expect all the Hawaii games on Oceanic to be on MW Digital as co-exists. They were on ESPN3 until last year for people outside of Hawaii. now it can be that way once more.

bigddan11 said...

Here's another question to consider. WCC Network archives their games online, and they use Campus Insider's, same as MWC Digital will be using. So will the RIOT games be archived on MWC Digital, and if they are, will they be available for people in that region to view afterwards? It does ensure though that California and Nevada, which don't get ROOT Rocky Mountain, will have access to those games, unless Time Warner picks them up again.