Friday, March 21, 2014

2014 NCAA Tournament Credits Earned by Conference

Will update this at the end of each day.  A conference or independent school earns one credit per game played for all games except the national championship game.  Forbes estimates that a unit earned this year will pay over $250,000, with the revenue that unit earned being paid out for that amount each year over six years.

If you win a First Four game, it is no different than winning a Round of 64 game.  You earn a credit.

I'm going to list all conferences that will have earned multiple units.

ACC - 12
America East - 2
American - 11
Atlantic 10 - 10
Atlantic Sun - 2
Big 12 - 13
Big East - 6
Big Ten - 16
Big West - 2
Ivy League - 2
Mountain West - 4
MVC - 2
Pac-12 - 14
SEC - 14
Southland - 2
Summit - 2
WCC - 3


Hokie Mark said...

Matt, you may want to double-check the units for the Big 12.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

I think its correct. Seven teams in for the initial seven credits. Four in round of 32 (Kansas, Texas, Iowa St., Baylor) for 11. Two in Sweet 16 (ISU, Baylor) for 13.

Hokie Mark said...

Yep, you are correct. The first 3 times I counted I kept missing Baylor for some reason. Must be the neon yellow jerseys getting in my eyes...

Hokie Mark said...

Matt, do you plan to update this now that the final numbers are in?

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Hi Mark. This is updated as of this weekend's game, so it should be the final numbers.