Monday, September 22, 2014

A few notes from 10/4 CFB TV selections

* The 3:30pm ET games on ABC are not reverse mirrored.  Why is that?  The ACC & Big 12 rights agreements allow for regional ABC telecasts without corresponding pay TV coverage in areas where the games are not being shown on ABC.

So for Baylor at Texas & Wake Forest at Florida St., you will need either ESPN3 or ESPN GamePlan to watch the game not shown in your area.

* I don't know who gets to choose the remaining Pac-12 game for 10/4.  Let's say that the game not "chosen" falls to the other network.  My assumption is FOX gets to choose for three reasons:
  • FOX is broadcast TV vs. ESPN is pay TV
  • ESPN chose Arizona at Oregon and moved it to Thursday 10/2.  One could make the argument ESPN already chose ahead of everyone else.
  • FOX's window is exclusive between the hours of 7:30pm-10:30pm ET, assuming 3.5 hours for Oregon St. at Colorado starting at 4pm ET on Pac-12 Networks
And as others have noted, this week's UCLA at Arizona St. game on Thursday night will go a long way towards determining whose game airs where.

* It is rare for both ABC and FOX to air simultaneous Big 12 games.  But it does happen on occasion before 10/4/14:
  • 10/20/12 - Kansas St. at West Virginia (7pm, FOX) & Baylor at Texas (8pm, ABC)
  • 11/3/12 - TCU at West Virginia (3pm, FOX) & Texas at Texas Tech (3:30pm, ABC)
  • 9/13/14 - UCLA vs. Texas (8pm, FOX) & Tennessee at Oklahoma (8pm, FOX)
* Since FOX started airing games in 2012, there have been a few occurrences where all four major broadcast networks have aired games at the same time.  On 10/4/14, I believe we will see the 1st instance of all four networks with telecast windows starting at the same time with four game windows at 3:30pm ET:
  • ABC: Wake Forest-Florida St./Baylor-Texas
  • CBS: Alabama-Ole Miss
  • FOX: Oklahoma-TCU
  • NBC: Stanford-Notre Dame
Of the (now) four occasions, ABC's game was not reverse mirrored to ESPN or ESPN2 on two of the occasions: 10/20/12 & 10/4/14.  On 11/3/12, Texas at Texas Tech was reverse mirrored on ESPN2.  And with 9/13/14, Tennessee at Oklahoma was aired nationally on ABC.

* The slightly odd start time of North Texas at Indiana (2:30pm ET) makes sense, especially when put in context of the staggered starts of the 9/27 games on BTN with two 12pm ET games and Maryland at Indiana at 1:30pm ET.

The goal, I believe, is to have an hour of studio time between the early games and the evening games.  The staggered starts allow for approximately an hour of studio time from the end of the Indiana game on 9/27 before Cincinnati at Ohio St. and roughly the same amount of time before Michigan at Rutgers on 10/4.

* The Sun Belt will have select broadcasts branded as "The Sun Belt Network on ESPN3".  I'm not listing them as such, just going with the ESPN3 listing.  You can find that information if you need it in their weekly notes on their website.

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