Sunday, September 14, 2014

Additional Updates to FOX CFB Schedule & More MBK Items

* FOX came out with more alterations to their college football schedule.  I'll detail them by date:

  • 9/27 - Schedule says only a 4pm ET game on FS1.  Was previously two games at 12pm & 4pm.  FOX now has a doubleheader at 4pm & 8pm instead of just a 7:30pm game.  I think the FS1 game is actually at 12pm with MLB to follow.
  • 10/4 - Another FOX doubleheader.  This time at 3:30pm (new game window) & 7:30pm.  FS1 has a single game again at 12pm
  • 10/18 - FS1 now has a tripleheader of 12pm, 4pm & 8pm.  The 8pm game was the addition.  FOX will not air a game that day.
  • 11/15 - FOX now has another 3:30pm (new game) & 7:30pm doubleheader.  FSN now only has one game window at 2pm instead of a 12pm & 3:30pm doubleheader.  The 2pm game time is due to a Big East basketball game at 12pm.
I try to track everything on this Google Docs spreadsheet as best I can.  

* The Patriot League men's basketball schedule came out and one noticeable difference was the conference tournament semifinal games moving from Saturday to Sunday.  Not sure why the move was made as the conference tournament final remains on the following Wednesday.

* The Pac-12 men's basketball will come out Monday 10pm ET on 9/15 on Pac-12 Networks.  I get the point of disseminating the information on your conference-owned network, much like the SEC did with theirs.  My own preference would be a little earlier in the day for the news to be released.

By the way, the conference will be coming out with their 2015 football schedule on 9/16 at about the same time of day.  I'm curious to see whether any weeknight games will be set aside with the schedule being released with the current season not yet out of September.  The past few years have seen the schedule come out a few days after Rose Bowl or national championship game.

* I am moderately curious to see what ESPN is doing with their college basketball schedules on 1/17, 2/28 & 3/7.  Maybe we are waiting on the Big Ten & Pac-12 television schedules to be finalized.  Have had folks ask before why college basketball doesn't do more flexible tip times.  Maybe ESPN has been able to convince a lot of people to be able to try it out.

* A few ACC schools have released their remaining non-conference television schedules (ie. ACC RSNs & ESPN3 exclusives).  If those items have been set by FOX/Raycom & ESPN, I would expect the SEC Network and SEC games on FOX RSNs to have their schedules set as well.

* With the Big East schedule set on FOX Sports 1, I figured I'd take a look back at the possible C-USA non-conference games and if FS1 or CBS Sports Network would take them.
  • Washington St. at UTEP (11/14) - FS1 has a NASCAR trucks race that evening.   If they take it, it would air after that.   If it airs on CBSSN, it would air at 11pm ET after the Veterans Classic doubleheader.
  • Miami (FL) at Charlotte (11/25) - CBSSN has the Cancun Classic doubleheader and FS1 has a single game (Eastern Illinois at Creighton).  If this one is picked by FS1, it would put that game at 6pm ET if the Creighton game time isn't changed.
  • South Carolina at Marshall (12/1) - Both CBSSN and FS1 are available at the moment.
  • Penn St. at Marshall (12/6) - CBSSN has an American conference football window at 12pm, so if they take it, it would be a tip-off sometime between 4pm & 8pm.  For FS1, if it doesn't tip off at 11am before St. Joseph's-Villanova, it won't air there as they have a 3pm Big 12 game and there is a UFC card that evening where FS1 may end up carrying the prelim matches.
  • Arizona at UTEP (12/19) - FS1 has a Big East doubleheader schedule, so this would be a 11pm ET tipoff if they take it.  CBSSN currently has the whole night free.
  • Louisville at Western Kentucky (12/20) - FS1 has the Butler-Indiana at 2:30pm.  Not sure if they have the Notre Dame-Purdue game that is also part of the Crossroads Classic event, nor an I sure if FOX has rights to the Orange Bowl Classic event that has aired on FSN for several years & if it could have been moved up from FSN to FS1.  CBSSN right now only has one game schedule (UMass-Providence) at 1pm ET.
  • Creighton at North Texas (12/21) - Both FS1 and CBSSN are open.


chrisbuda said...

My question is that October 18 games being moved to Fox Sports 1, Would Fox moved back that game if the NLCS finish before game 6 because game 6 is on 10//18

Unknown said...

I know that the NCWTS runs at 3:30, but will be moved to 1:00 if the NLCS GM 6 is at 4, and the ALCS GM 7 is at 8 on tbs, but gm 6 moves back to 8 if no al gm 7

Matt Sarzyniak said...

I don't think they'll move a game on short notice from one network to another.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Truck race is moving to 1pm either way. NASCAR already made the change