Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Admin item for copyright

Hi.   Hope you all are doing well.  I hope to keep this brief.

My goal with the posts on this blog here are to inform and provide at times a "big picture" look at things when looking at how television networks schedule events, specifically in the narrow definition of this blog and the companion website of TV & webcast schedules of college football and men's college basketball.  I try to make sure that I cite a source when discussing a topic, for a few reasons off the top of my head:

1) To make sure you, the reader, is informed of a topic of the topic being discussed and where my information is coming from
2) To provide you a source of information that you may consider reading on a regular basis
3) To challenge me if I've read something incorrectly, made an incorrect judgement based on other information to your knowledge or if you have an alternate point of view

I'm going to ask the same of you if you elect to use material from either the blog or my website.  Never really considered the need for copyright marking and disclaimers on either site, but that is why I've changed up the layout of the blog from a template that Google changed it to over to one that provides for a copyright disclaimer at the bottom.  There will be visible copyright disclaimers at the bottom of each page on the schedules site too.  I would also ask that if you see something I tweet or from the Facebook outlet for this blog and the schedules site, please use the permalink or embed tweet / post option to copy it into a blog or website, though I really can't enforce that.

My concern is more about cut-n-paste or a very close rewording of material from the schedules site or blog.  Have seen items from the blog be used at times, sometimes word-for-word and other times with some editing, and had a couple instances of the HTML from the schedules site being straight up copied and pasted on to sites without attribution.

This should not discourage you from sharing pages from the website or blog on social media, nor should it discourage you from writing about similar topics if you have a similar blog or having TV schedules on a website.   Neither of those items are exclusive to me.   But I do believe I have ownership of the HTML markup & descriptions on the schedule pages and the words on this blog.

And if you find instances where I'm not holding myself up to any of these guidelines or standards, contact me or comment in the post and I'll try to make it right.  It is a one man show when it comes to the schedules site and the posts here (writer, editor, proofreader, etc.) and not everything comes out as clearly as I want it to be written.  I can tell you I am going to go through the schedules site and put more attribution on the contract terms of each conference since that information comes from press or news releases.  In the cases where it comes from conversations with the conferences, I'll try to note that as well.

I hope you understand and thank for your time.

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