Monday, March 23, 2015

Updated Guesses to 1st Three Weeks for CFB TV in 2015

I made some alterations based on the MAC, American and Mountain West schedules being released, along with FOX's MLB schedule.   I would expect the Mountain West to have a few weeknight games and those should come out over the next couple months.

The alterations are relatively minor.  I don't want to oversell them.

Since these posts typically make my Twitter timeline & a Facebook page, I'm going to take the three posts and link there here instead of linking three separate posts to my timelines.

Week One
Week Two
Week Three

One channel I haven't placed games on is FOX Sports 2.  They won't have the NASCAR commitments that they did last year and the slightly compressed schedule might mean the channel becomes a place to dump a game or two instead of FSN each week from the Big 12 or C-USA.  The channel is now subscribed to by around 45 million homes.  I'm unsure where that compares to FOX College Sports, but would like to believe the number is similar or higher since the FCS channels are usually on a sports tier.

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