Thursday, November 5, 2015

Six day guesses for 11/14

* If Florida beats Vanderbilt on 11/7, it renders the South Carolina game meaningless with respect to the SEC East race.  So I devalue the South Carolina game a little bit and have that on ESPN2 at 12pm (not pictured).
* I have FS1 getting the 2nd best Big 12 game available, or at least the 2nd best team available.
* Alabama at Mississippi St. would be Alabama's final appearance on CBS provided CBS doesn't try to get a sixth appearance for the Tide. Granted, there are a lot of different scenarios out there for the SEC West.
* EDIT: I'm pretty terrible at this and forgot NC State at Florida St. originally.  I shoehorned it in at 12pm in a split national scenario with Ohio St. at Illinois because I don't believe the Big Ten requries a reverse mirror at 12pm, just 3:30pm ET.  If they require a reverse mirror or full national telecast, swap Oklahoma St. at Iowa St. with Ohio St. at Illinois as I know both the ACC & Big 12 allow for games to be televised on ABC regionally without a reverse mirror.

12pm ABC: Ohio St. at Illinois
12pm ABC: NC State at Florida St.
12pm ESPN: Michigan at Indiana
12pm FS1: Kansas at TCU
12pm ESPNU: Oklahoma St. at Iowa St.
12:30pm ACC Network: Pittsburgh at Duke
3:30pm CBS: Alabama at Mississippi St.
3:30pm ABC/ESPN2: Maryland at Michigan St.
3:30pm ABC/ESPN2: Clemson at Syracuse
3:30pm ESPN: Memphis at Houston
3:30pm ESPNU: Texas at West Virginia
7pm ESPN2: Miami (FL) at North Carolina
7:15pm ESPN: Arkansas at LSU
7:30pm CBSSN: Temple at USF
8pm ABC: Oklahoma at Baylor


Chris said...

nc state florid a state is missing

Darrell McKown said...

Keep Florida-South Carolina on ESPN, reverse mirror with Ohio State-Illinois and NC State-Florida State on ABC/ESPN2, move Michigan-Indiana to ESPNU and then add an ESPNews slot for one of the Big 12 games.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

To my knowledge, Big 12 football games cannot be placed on ESPNEWS.

Greg M. said...

I hate to be a horrible nit-picker but LSU is hosting Arkansas on the 14th. Thank you for all you do.