Thursday, November 12, 2015

Six Day Guesses for 11/21

* I added in the few games that were set with respect to start time but waiting on a TV network, such as Memphis at Temple, North Carolina at Virginia Tech and Wake Forest at Clemson.
* Should be noted that 11/21 selections could end up affecting 11/28 selections:
  • For example, it appears that ESPN will use three total Pac-12 selections for 11/21 with Colorado at Washington St. already selected.  What that means is that ESPN will have used 21 of their 22 selections, leaving them with a single choice on 11/28.  FOX will have two on 11/28, in addition to the games they'll carry on Black Friday, and Pac-12 Networks have a single choice as well.
  • As I've probably beaten into the ground, if TCU at Oklahoma airs on ABC, it may signal that FOX has Bedlam on 11/28 (Oklahoma at Oklahoma St.).  This might have been why ESPN was able to select Texas at Baylor on 12/5 early.
  • By placing both Memphis at Temple & Navy at Tulsa on one of the primary television outlets for the American's television contract (ABC, ESPN, ESPN2 or ESPNU), this puts them at 24 games scheduled to air on those networks.  The 2014 media guide said that a minimum of 28 games would have to air on those networks.  Two Black Friday games should air those outlets as well, which should lead to either one or two games on 11/28 as I do not know if the conference's championship game, scheduled to air on ABC or ESPN on 12/5, can be included in the count.
The rest of the FBS selections for 11/21 have been announced.

12pm ABC: TCU at Oklahoma
12pm ESPN: Michigan at Penn St.
12pm ESPN2: North Carolina at Virginia Tech
12pm ESPNU: Memphis at Temple
12pm ESPNEWS: Illinois at Minnesota
12pm BTN: Northwestern at Wisconsin
3:30pm ABC: Michigan St. at Ohio St.
3:30pm FOX: UCLA at Utah
3:30pm ESPN: Wake Forest at Clemson
3:30pm ESPN2: Purdue at Iowa
3:30pm ESPNU: Navy at Tulsa
3:30pm BTN: Indiana at Maryland
3:45pm ESPNEWS: Louisville at Pittsburgh
7pm CBSSN: Houston at Connecticut
7:30pm FOX: Baylor at Oklahoma St.
8pm ABC: California at Stanford
10:30pm ESPN: USC at Oregon

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Ardy said...

Listened to Penn St's coach show Thurs (12), James Franklin said he hadn't heard 12 or 3:30, and neither had host/PSU PBP guy Steve Jones.