Friday, December 4, 2015

2015 CFB TV Facts & Figures

I've written report card-type posts on CFB at the end of the season by conference the last couple years.  To try to provide a few more details on each conference & maybe a bit more context, I've decided to break the posts into conference-specific posts.  I'll handle the independents in a single post as well.

As comparisons are made to 2014, it should be noted that 2014's regular season was played over fifteen weeks (fourteen weeks plus Championship Saturday) where 2015's was contested over fourteen weeks (thirteen weeks plus Championship Saturday).  With that said, ESPN had more telecast windows available on a weekly basis with ABC regularly showing games at 12pm ET both ESPN and ESPN2 showing three to four games per week due to NASCAR moving its 2nd half schedule to NBC Sports.

Big 12
Big Ten
Mountain West
Sun Belt

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