Monday, March 13, 2017

Some American Sports Network Updates

Caught this article this afternoon from the Charleston Gazette-Mail regarding the possibility of American Sports Network remaining a viable entity.  Take a few minutes, read it & come back here.

I've spoken to a source with knowledge of the situation and they've provided the following, some of which matches what Doug Smock has reported:
  • American Sports Network, as its currently known & comprised as a Sinclair owned & operated entity, is indeed going away.  A new entity will be replacing it. Could it have the Campus Insiders or 120 Sports name on it?  I don't know.  They may be involved in picking up existing ASN obligations.  
  • The West Palm Beach facility would be the master control for the new network, as I believe it was for ASN (ASN couldn't stream a few games this year due to weather issues at master control in WPB), with other staff located in other areas for marketing, sales, studio, etc. Currently, Campus Insiders runs its studio in Chicago.
  • Since use of a master control facility involved, that appears to be a sign of a linear TV operation, with more emphasis towards online distribution than Sinclair had with ASN.  This would line up with Doug's wording about "stronger, more diversified distribution"
  • Nearly all the agreements Sinclair had for producing events will expire at the end of the current athletic year, except for Conference USA.  This falls in line with at least one agreement: I do not know if this new entity would seek previous ASN partners to bolster their lineup.
More to follow.  Hopefully this week.

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