Friday, February 22, 2019

2019 Week 1 Early Season CFB TV Guesses

Weeks 2 & 3 will be out in the near future. There will be game date adjustments throughout the spring. Do not take these as set in stone. Final TV announcements will happen in May & June.

Known items for other sports that week
  • ESPN2 has US Open tennis all day on Saturday and should have it on Thursday & Friday nights.
  • FS1 has a MLB game at 4pm ET.  The Phillies originally listed the game at 6pm ET but it has been adjusted per the MLB website.  No MLB games will air on FOX's broadcast network.
  • No FIFA match window except for Labor Day.
  • FOX has a Premier Boxing Champions card on Sunday.  Time of the card is not known.
  • From work by requesting the game contract, the Miami vs. Florida game will start no earlier than 6pm Eastern.
  • MAC games appear to remain available to air on CBS Sports Network as a couple games were scheduled to air there when the conference's schedule was announced.
Unknown at this time
  • No football games have yet been moved to Sunday evening.  No game has been set aside for ESPN Sunday Night Baseball, but I expect one to be.  Certainly possible for a game to air on ABC on Sunday night.
  • Is CBS still sublicensing two SEC games from ESPN?  My assumption is that another agreement will be made.  Even if the games coming from ESPN to CBS aren't the top choice like they are for the weeks CBS owns their own selections, they still end up with quality games.
Week Zero

Saturday 8/24 
Midnight CBSSN: Arizona at Hawai'i

*Midnight = 6pm HT on 8/24. 

Week One

Here's the deal: If the game isn't listed, assume it will be streamed by whatever the home conference's streaming arrangements are (ESPN3, ESPN+, Stadium online, etc.)

7pm ESPN: UCLA at Cincinnati (network confirmed)
7:30pm ACCN: Georgia Tech at Clemson (network confirmed)
7:30pm SNY: Wagner at Connecticut
8pm CBS Sports Network: FIU at Tulane
10:15pm ESPN: Utah at BYU
10:30pm Pac-12: Kent St. at Arizona St.

7pm ESPN: Wisconsin at USF (network family confirmed)
7pm CBSSN: Rice at Army (network confirmed)
7pm ACCN: Utah St. at Wake Forest
7:30pm BTN: Massachusetts at Rutgers
8pm FS1: Tulsa at Michigan St.
9pm Pac-12: Colorado St. vs. Colorado
10:15pm ESPN: Oklahoma St. at Oregon St.

12pm ABC: FAU at Ohio St.
12pm ESPN: Georgia St. at Tennessee
12pm FS1: South Alabama at Nebraska
12pm ESPNU: Virginia at Pittsburgh
12pm SEC: Toledo at Kentucky
12pm BTN: Idaho at Penn St.
12pm FSN: UAPB at TCU
12:30pm ACCN: Virginia Tech at Boston College
1pm AT&T SN Pitt: James Madison at West Virginia
2pm Pac-12: Eastern Washington at Washington
3:30pm ABC: Duke vs. Alabama
3:30pm CBS: North Carolina vs. South Carolina
3:30pm FOX: Middle Tennessee at Michigan
3:30pm ESPN: Georgia at Vanderbilt
3:30pm ESPNU: Akron at Illinois
3:30pm CBSSN: Holy Cross at Navy (network confirmed)
3:30pm BTN: Howard at Maryland
4pm ACCN: East Carolina at NC State
4pm SEC: Portland St. at Arkansas
4pm FSN: Stephen F. Austin at Baylor
5:30pm Pac-12: UC Davis at California
7pm ESPN: Miami (FL) vs. Florida
7pm FS1: Northwestern at Stanford
7pm ESPNU: Georgia Southern at LSU
7pm CBSSN: Ole Miss at Memphis
7pm JayhawkTV: Indiana St. at Kansas
7pm KStateHD.TV/ESPN3: Nicholls at Kansas St.
7:30pm FOX: Houston at Oklahoma
7:30pm ACCN: Boise St. vs. Florida St.
7:30pm SEC: Texas St. at Texas A&M
7:30pm BTN: Miami (OH) at Iowa
8pm ABC: Oregon vs. Auburn
8pm Longhorn: Louisiana Tech at Texas
8pm FSN: Montana St. at Texas Tech
8pm CyclonesTV: Northern Iowa at Iowa St.
9pm Pac-12: New Mexico St. at Washington St.
10:15pm ESPNU: Missouri at Wyoming
10:30pm CBSSN: Purdue at Nevada
10:30pm ESPN: Fresno St. at USC

12pm ESPN2: Jackson St. vs. Bethune-Cookman

8pm ESPN: Notre Dame at Louisville


Sean OLeary said...

The ACC conference games have to be going to ACCN. Georgia/Vanderbilt should be the CBS game.

I also think ESPN does what they did a couple years back and put a big tripleheader on ABC. Bama/Duke at noon. Miami/Florida at 330. Auburn/Oregon at 8pm.

Pretty sure Boise/FSU is getting moved to Sunday. Read this on the Gator Bowl site: "The 2019 FSU vs Boise State game will be played Labor Day Weekend in Jacksonville, Florida. The official date and time of the 2019 FSU vs Boise State game have not yet been released. This game will serve as a FSU home game."

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Re: Miami-UF - see the note that FBSchedules found re kickoff no earlier than 6pm. I'll link the tweet up top ASAP.

As for Boise St.-FSU, there was a date confirmation of Saturday, but as I read this they only knock out Thursday & Friday as date change alternatives. Still, I think this was meant to be definitive on the game date.

daniel anderson said...

I'm guessing a Pac-12 home game on ABC, since FOX has a Premier Boxing Champions card on Sunday. Or does does that(boxing) get moved to FS1?

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Boxing was set for FOX. Not assuming a network change. FS1, in afternoon, could have NHRA US Nationals coverage (Monday has coverage on both FS1 & FOX).

Sean OLeary said...

The reason I think Boise/FSU might be moving is the WVU/Va Tech game at FedEx Field in 2017 was changed in April of that year to a Sunday game and, IIRC, they had been selling tickets & promoting it around here (I live in DC) as a Saturday game.

The Boise link you shared is odd, as if they didnt even consider Sunday night a possibility. Maybe Florida St stinks too much now.

Raul said...

Boise-FSU is the type of game they would move to Sunday. However, I could also see Ole Miss@Memphis getting moved to Sunday. Those two have played on Labor Day weekend Sunday Night and Labor Day itself a few times in the past.

I can see Fox doing a Triple Header with a Big Ten Game (MTSU@Mich or FAU @OSU); Big 12 game (Hou@OU); and Pac 12 game (NW@Stanford or Fresno St.@USC).

I also agree with the poster above that ABC creates a triple header of neutral site games (Duke-Bama in ATL; Oregon-Auburn in Jerry World, and Miami-UF in Orlando) and puts them on at 12pm; 3:30pm; and 8 pm.

Georgia-Vandy would be likely be CBS pick if it was a regular week where they got top choice but since it appears they're sublicensing from ESPn, they will probably get UNC-So Car in Charlotte.

Matt said...

The last 4 years, FS1 has had a late night window.

Big 12 Game at 7pm and Northwestern at Stanford at 10:30.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

They also used to have UFC PPV prelims some of those years, so right now past years go out the window.

Matt said...

Good point!
I'm still going to stick with my guess. I can't see FS1 with no live event on a Labor Day weekend in the late night.

Douglas said...

Is the BTN still guaranteed a minimum of two appearances by each team per football season (one of them must be a conference game)?

If so, with Michigan's non-conference home schedule of Middle Tennessee State, Army and Notre Dame, wouldn't the Mid Tenn St. game be the most likely of the bunch to be picked up by the Big Ten Network?

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Possibly, but they don't have to have a non-conference game as one of the two BTN appearances. Both could be conference games.