Friday, February 22, 2019

2019 Week 2 Early Season CFB TV Guesses

Known items for other sports that week
  • ESPN will have US Open tennis Thursday & Friday night, plus Saturday afternoon covering the women's championship match in mid-afternoon.
  • FS1 has two MLB games at 4pm & 7pm ET.  
  • The opening night of the NFL season is Thursday night and there's been virtually no major CFB competing against that game for a few years.
  • It is unknown whether FOX broadcast network has any MLB commitments on this Saturday.  None are currently listed, but I don't know if this is a week where FOX can select a game on about ten days notice.
  • Don't know when UFC would have it's September PPV and the channel for those prelims. Didn't account for a PPV this week.
7pm ACCN: William & Mary at Virginia
9pm ESPN2: Marshall at Boise St.
10pm Pac-12: Sacramento St. at Arizona St.

I moved Marshall at Boise St. over here based on what has already (not) been moved.  The Mountain West's weeknight schedule comes out in early April and a limited number of Boise St. games can move.  With ESPN being the rightsholder for Boise St. home games, to me, this seems like a logical fit.

EDIT (2/22/19): To account for the possibility of UFC PPV prelims on ESPN, I made the following changes:
  • West Virginia at Missouri was moved from 9pm ESPN to 12pm SEC Network
  • Murray St. at Georgia stays at 12pm, but moves to SEC Network Alternate
  • BYU at Tennessee moves from 6pm ESPN to 7pm ESPN2
  • San Diego St. at UCLA moves from 7pm ESPN2 to 5pm Pac-12 Networks
  • Northern Colorado at Washington St. stays at 5pm, but is only shown on linear TV on Pac-12 Networks' Washington.
  • California at Washington moved up 30 minutes from 10:30pm to 10pm and moves from ESPN2 to ESPN.
Here's the deal: If the game isn't listed, assume it will be streamed by whatever the home conference's streaming arrangements are (ESPN3, ESPN+, Stadium online, etc.)

12pm ABC: Syracuse at Maryland
12pm FOX: Army at Michigan
12pm ESPN: Buffalo at Penn St.
12pm ESPN2: USF at Georgia Tech
12pm FS1: UTSA at Baylor
12pm ESPNU: Old Dominion at Virginia Tech
12pm SEC: West Virginia at Missouri
12pm SEC Alt: Murray St. at Georgia
12pm BTN: Western Michigan at Michigan St.
12pm CBSSN: UCF at FAU
12pm FSN: Coastal Carolina at Kansas
12:30pm ACCN: Ohio at Pittsburgh
2pm Pac-12: Nevada at Oregon
3:30pm ABC: Cincinnati at Ohio St.
3:30pm CBS:  Arkansas at Ole Miss
3:30pm ESPN2: New Mexico St. at Alabama
3:30pm ESPNU: Illinois at Connecticut
3:30pm CBSSN: Wake Forest at Rice
3:30pm BTN: Rutgers at Iowa
3:30pm BTN: Eastern Illinois at Indiana
4pm FOX: LSU at Texas
4pm SEC: Eastern Michigan at Kentucky
4pm SEC Alt: Charleston Southern at South Carolina
4pm ACCN: Miami (FL) at North Carolina
4pm FSN: Bowling Green at Kansas St.
5pm Pac-12: San Diego St. at UCLA
5pm Pac-12 Washington: Northern Colorado at Washington St.
7pm ESPN2: BYU at Tennessee
7pm CBSSN: Minnesota at Fresno St.
7pm FOX PPV: South Dakota at Oklahoma
7:30pm ESPNU: Southern Miss at Mississippi St.
7:30pm SEC: Tulane at Auburn
7:30pm SEC Alt: UT Martin at Florida
7:30pm ACCN: UL-Monroe at Florida St.
7:30pm BTN: Vanderbilt at Purdue
7:30pm BTN: Central Michigan at Wisconsin
7:30pm Stadium: Western Kentucky at FIU
8pm ABC: Texas A&M at Clemson
8pm FOX: Stanford at USC
8pm Pac-12: Northern Illinois at Utah
8pm FSN: McNeese at Oklahoma St.
8pm FS2: UTEP at Texas Tech
10pm ESPN: California at Washington
10pm FS1: Nebraska at Colorado
10:30pm CBSSN: Oregon St. at Hawai'i
11pm Pac-12: Northern Arizona at Arizona

So what I don't know is whether the ACC Network will have alternate feeds for football games or not.  My assumption right now is that they will not because they allowed for streaming of games previously compared to the SEC, who did not.


Darrell McKown said...

Seems to me that ESPN will pick week two with the first Big 12 selection this year and put LSU-Texas in ABC prime time.

I think LSU-Texas at night is a better ratings draw than Texas-OU at noon.

Erik said...

Any idea if I Oklahoma’s third tier rights deal stays with FOX or if it belongs to the RSN, Fox Sports Southwest?

Presumably the RSN sale would have been completed by then. Presumably whomever buys it could put it on PPV or simply provide it through their regular distribution method, streaming, linear channel, etc.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

It's a good question Erik. Depends first on when the asset sale from 21st Century Fox to Disney is given final approval in multiple countries. After that the RSNs are officially on the block, though Disney has already been going thru the bid process.

I believe those deals were struck with the RSNs specifically when I Googled for info on them. The FOX Sports rep I usually saw quoted was the president of FOX Sports SW.

daniel anderson said...

I don't think you can have a ACC team and a SEC team same time on ABC. Since one ABC affiliate(WLOS in Asheville) also goes into parts of the Upstate, which is SEC country.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Sure you can. That means nothing.

Charles Everett said...

Fox broadcast network should be good to go for CFB all day on 9/7, 14, and 21. Fox's baseball schedule came out today and the only day game for September is a wild-card pick on 9/28.

daniel anderson said...

Texas A&M-Clemson- remember the last time this game was on ABC(2005) the chief justice died during that game.

Unknown said...

you think RBG can hang on that long?

Connor said...

I would think btn would put eastern Illinois vs Indiana game also at noon. Sense the Iowa vs Rutgers game is a conference game.