Friday, September 25, 2020

Admin Stuff For 2020

A few things

* To be clear, I do hope as much football is played as possible in 2020 and spring 2021 for the FCS conferences choosing to play at that time. I'm not going to banter about my feelings about medical directives & safety plans, and to be clear, I don't care about your opinion on the matter. My site or Twitter account won't be used for that. I have other places to banter those opinions and you likely do to.

* Over the past week, you have likely encountered periods of time, whether its minutes or hours, where my site has either encountered an error when viewing a season or a week, or if the front page is completely down. I'm sorry you've had to experience that.

I'm extremely frustrated and exasperated that you've had to experience that. My experience with my website host's support services have been extremely poor. I have made one of their suggested updates, but I don't believe it has remedied the issue. I do have a couple other tricks up my sleeve that I may try before I look to go website host shopping, but my desire to do that would be outside of sports being in season, so that would be the summer.

* It is a bit stressful to a) deal with the game cancelations that come at random times and b) the questions about "What is network X going to do? What games are they going to move? Why did they move that game?". Coupled with the website instability, plus the regular stresses of daily life, my anxiety has been a bit high. So I won't be trying to forecast schedule changes if and when they do occur. I'm just going to follow them as best I can to keep the site's accuracy as a schedule and repository for upcoming TV.

Situations like the added C-USA games on linear TV channels and ESPN+ carrying UCF at ECU while its on ABC - those I'll do my best to get answers about. Some entities are more willing to answer and discuss TV related items than others. Things like game X being cancelled and how its going to be replaced aren't going to get my attention.

* The available TV windows each week aren't going to be 100% accurate and this season even moreso. RSNs are posting their intended listings for a future date closer to that date instead of the two weeks in advance that I'm accustomed to. Events being added throughout the fall, whether it was the NBA, WNBA, golf, combat sports and others are eating up windows that would normally be planned for college football, and now might be needed for games with the return to play of the Big Ten, Mountain West and Pac-12, along with the MAC voting on their plan in the near future.

* Men's basketball TV schedule announcements could come thick and fast, leaving me with an avalanche of schedules to have ready. Normally the top ten or so conferences would have this information released as smaller conferences finalize their windows through October. Right now, we're waiting to see how non-conference games will be played alongside multi-team events. Getting schools committed to those events, placing them in bubble-like environments and then getting TV time or streaming plans in place are no doubt occurring right now.


Jason said...

Hey Matt! Great job with the site! Been following for years now. Dont post much but the hard work you do does not go unnoticed. I get stressed out reading all the news that trickles in every minute, it feels like sometimes, so i can only imagine how stressful it is keeping up with all the news and a site of your own and a life. Keep up the great work!

Bill said...

You have a great site Matt. I enjoy it very much.