Saturday, May 14, 2011

Last attempt at early selections

The remainder of early season selections are going to come out over the next few weeks.  I decided to do them on a conference basis.  I believe I didn't choose a network for the same timeslot twice.  I'm sure there's going to be some MLB conflicts in time slots, so FSN/CSN will have to work through those.

Take a look.  Feel free to comment.

Spring meetings are often when these announcements appear as TV partners are often in attendance to give details about coverage for the upcoming season.  The Pac-12 has already held theirs so expect FOX Sports and Versus announcements right around June 1st.  The rest:

Big 12: Not sure
Big East: May 23-25
Big Ten: May 17-18 (could be when you see Big Ten Network night game announcement)
SEC: Early June, with ESPNU and regional selections possibly as late as football media days in July


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting these....very interesting. Question - what was the rationale behind making EMU - PSU a night game? Why not Iowa or Illinois? Thanks...

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Well, I can tell you that I whiffed and need to put Illinois in a night game. My gut feeling for Illinois would be the 9/10 game vs. South Dakota St.

As for EMU-PSU, no real reason. Kinda felt that Iowa would be better served with the conference game night game in October.

The Showstopper said...

Did you leave off the remaining Pac 12 games on 9/3?

Seems like FX might want to announce its presence with an opening weekend doubleheader of UCLA/UH and and SJSU/Stanford to showcase 2 of the best QBs in the country.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

I did leave off any cable windows for 9/3 for the conference, thinking they may end up doing regional games.

I have UCLA @ Houston as the F/X game on 9/3. The way I read the F/X press release, it sounds like one game per week.