Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pac-12 ABC/ESPN announcement

Quick look at yesterday's Pac-12 schedule for ABC/ESPN.

* Over one month between games on ABC (September 17th - October 22nd).  During that times ESPN will have several games, but ESPN will skip three Saturdays of the schedule

* On the flip side, ABC will go with roughly four straight weeks of 12-day picks to finish out the season in the 3:30pm slot

* Rare that ABC and FSN would set aside a game (Washington-USC) and put a kickoff time on it and use that as the "option" game, but it is USC's homecoming game and it appears they wanted to have a kickoff time set for the game.  Oregon at Stanford is sitting out there and that's probably the choice of ABC, so it feels more likely that ABC's window will move to 8pm.

* At the least ABC will carry seven Pac-12 games.  Ten would be the maximum

* With FOX Sports owning 24 telecast windows to air on F/X & FSN or sublicense to Versus, this would make some sense

9/10 California at Colorado 3:30pm FSN
9/10 Utah at USC 10:30pm FSN
9/17 Colorado St. vs. Colorado 7pm F/X
9/17 Syracuse at USC 10:30pm FSN
9/24 California at Washington 7pm F/X
10/1 12-day window 7pm F/X
10/1 12-day window 7pm Versus
10/1 12-day window 10:30pm FSN
10/8 12-day window 3:30pm FSN
10/8 12-day window 7pm Versus
10/15 12-day 3:30pm FSN
10/15 12-day 7pm F/X
10/22  12-day 3:30pm FSN
10/29 12-day 3:30pm FSN
10/29 12-day 7pm Versus
11/5 12-day 7pm Versus
11/5 12-day 10:30pm FSN
11/12 12-day 3:30pm FSN or 7pm Versus
11/12 12-day 7pm Versus or 10:30pm FSN
11/19 California at Stanford 3:30pm FSN
11/19 Arizona at Arizona St. 7pm Versus
11/25 Colorado at Utah 3:30pm FSN
11/26 12-day window 7pm Versus
11/26 12-day window 10:30pm FSN

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