Sunday, November 6, 2016

CFB TV Guesses for 2016 Week Twelve (11/15/16 - 11/19/16)

Here are the games already set for television and/or webcast.  Here are the known available telecast windows.

* ESPNEWS has a opening in ESPN MediaZone for a 7pm game on 11/17.  Have heard rumblings that a telecast has been put together for Liberty at Coastal Carolina.
* FOX Sports will select two games each from the Big 12 and the Pac-12.  The broadcast network will have a doubleheader.  Assume the 12pm FS1 is one of the two Big 12 windows.
* ESPN will use its remaining in-season selections on the Big 12 on 11/19.  It will not have any selections for 11/26 or 12/3.
* Each SEC Network telecast window is scheduled to feature two games concurrently with one set of games on the alternate channel.
* I removed the late ESPNU window after Massachusetts at BYU was scheduled to air on BYUtv.  If it does get used, throw one of the Mountain West games there as I have one on ESPN3.
* CBS lucked into Florida at LSU (previously known as LSU at Florida) being moved to this date.  The week is pretty sparse otherwise.
* Besides Florida at LSU moving to this date, via the cancellation of the two schools previously scheduled opponents, Navy at East Carolina was moved to this date due to the damage Hurricane Matthew caused in eastern North Carolina.  Doesn't really affect anything in terms of TV.  Add two games, drop two games, you net to zero.
* Chattanooga is top ten in the most recent FCS Championship Committee poll, so that kinda makes Alabama's game worth an ESPNU slot, or at least have some sort of storyline.  Similarly, The Citadel and North Carolina, as of today, are both ranked in the top 25 of their respective championship rankings.
* Yes, FOX and ABC can have concurrent Big 12 games at night.  It occasionally happens.  The Big 12's TV partners allowed for non-exclusive broadcast windows.  What I don't believe is that FOX would put Washington St. at Colorado in primetime on the broadcast network, even if both are ranked, but maybe I'm wrong.  Frankly, if the order isn't what I expect, I won't be surprised if it ends up on FS1 or ESPN.
* I'm planning for a 2nd ACC Network split window.  Last season there were two, on 11/7 and 11/21.
* To get to the American's required count of 28 games on ABC, ESPN. ESPN2 and ESPNU (which I believe includes the conference championship game), I slotted one game from the Big Ten on ESPNEWS to free up ESPNU.  It would put the number of scheduled AAC games on those four channels at 24.  Two more should be set for those channels based on available slots on Black Friday (up to 26), with two more slotted on Saturday 11/28 to get to 28.

7pm ESPN2: Ohio at Central Michigan
7pm ESPNU: Kent St. at Bowling Green

7pm ESPN2: Ball St. at Toledo
8pm ESPNU: Northern Illinois at Eastern Michigan

12pm ABC: Indiana at Michigan
12pm ESPN: Arkansas at Mississippi St.
12pm ESPN2: Texas Tech at Iowa St.
12pm FS1: Texas at Kansas
12pm ESPNU:  Ole Miss at Vanderbilt
12pm ESPNEWS: Navy at East Carolina
12pm SEC: UL-Lafayette at Georgia
12pm SEC: Western Carolina at South Carolina
12pm BTN: Wisconsin at Purdue
12:30pm ACC Network: Virginia at Georgia Tech 
12:30pm ACC Network: Duke at Pittsburgh
2pm Pac-12: Arizona at Oregon St.
3pm ACC RSNs: Miami (FL) at NC State 
3:30pm CBS: Florida at LSU
3:30pm FOX: Washington St. at Colorado
3:30pm ABC/ESPN2: Clemson at Wake Forest
3:30pm ABC/ESPN2: Ohio St. at Michigan St.
3:30pm ESPN: Maryland at Nebraska
3:30pm FS1: Oregon at Utah
3:30pm ESPNU: Tulsa at UCF
3:30pm BTN: Iowa at Illinois
4pm ESPNEWS: Minnesota at Northwestern 
4pm SEC: Alabama A&M at Auburn
4pm SEC: Missouri at Tennessee
5:30pm Pac-12: Stanford at California
7pm ESPN: Florida St. at Syracuse
7pm ESPN2: Kansas St. at Baylor
7pm ESPNU: Chattanooga at Alabama
7pm CBSSN: Temple at Tulane
7:30pm FOX: Oklahoma St. at TCU
7:30pm SEC: Austin Peay at Kentucky
7:30pm SEC: UTSA at Texas A&M
8pm ABC: Oklahoma at West Virginia
10:15pm ESPN2: New Mexico at Colorado St.
10:30pm ESPN: Arizona St. at Washington
10:30pm Pac-12: USC at UCLA

Connecticut at Boston College
The Citadel at North Carolina 
Utah St. at Nevada
UL-Monroe at Appalachian St.
Presbyterian at South Alabama
Georgia Southern at Georgia St.


Chris said...

ole miss @ Vandy is missing from the sec slate

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Thanks. Made some modifications.

daniel anderson said...

Western Carolina playing on SECN? i guess that will be a some big exposure for them.

AVNevis said...

Interesting that you have both Stanford/Cal and USC/UCLA going to P12N. I'd be surprised to see both those historic rivalry games passed up by the big networks, even though they may not be great games.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

You bring up a fair point and not knowing the selection order doesn't help me.

I ordered the selections like this:

1) Arizona St.-Washington (ESPN, ESPN would have to slide its window 15-30 minutes up to air WSU-Colorado)
2) Washington St. at Colorado (FOX)
3) USC at UCLA (Pac-12)
4) Oregon at Utah (FS1)
5) Stanford at California (Pac-12)
6) Arizona at Oregon St. (Pac-12)

So the way I ordered it, which probably isn't correct, I had the Pac-12 Networks 1st choice ahead of FS1, with FS1 choosing a ranked Utah team.

Very possible that the Pac-12 could again be on a six day hold too with Utah-Arizona St. on Thursday affecting who takes what.

Craig said...

I believe Florida is maxed out of CBS appearances after next week? If so, then CBS would have to use the 6 day option for either of Arkansas at Mississippi State or Ole Miss at Vanderbilt (neither are terribly appealing but they are the next best options - especially if one or more of those teams pulls off an upset next week).

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Hi Craig. Florida isn't maxed out though they may appear to be. Their game vs. Kentucky was one of two SEC games that CBS sublicensed from ESPN (UCLA-Texas A&M the other). Last year I checked with the SEC and the games that CBS buys from ESPN do not count as an appearance for a school on CBS, so Florida sits at four appearances (Tennessee, Georgia, Arkansas & South Carolina).

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