Saturday, November 12, 2016

Guesses for CFB TV Six Day Picks for 11/19/16 Games


* If ESPN wanted to select Oregon at Utah or have Washington St. at Colorado fall to them, they might look to shift the 7pm window to 6:45pm to allow for the later game to start at 10pm.  They would be turning the 3:30pm & 7pm windows into windows slotted for 3 hours and 15 minutes.
* If BTN selects a game ahead of ESPN and leaves Iowa at Illinois to ESPN, it would be a more reasonable candidate for a ESPNEWS telecast.
* I think one American Athletic Conference game airs on ESPNU, hence the potential for an ACC (maybe Florida St. at Syracuse) or Big Ten game on ESPNEWS.
* I don't think a USC win over Washington tonight would affect FOX's second choice.  Assuming both Washington St. & Colorado win later in the evening, both would be at the top of their respective divisions, so it would be hard to turn that one down.
* While both Texas & Kansas lost, I don't think this one falls to ESPNU even if it is an option.

All times Eastern

12pm ABC: Ohio St. at Michigan St.
12pm ESPN: Oklahoma St. at TCU
12pm ESPN2: Wisconsin at Purdue
12pm FS1: Kansas St. at Baylor
12pm ESPNU: UTSA at Texas A&M
12pm ESPNEWS: Northwestern at Minnesota
12pm BTN: Maryland at Nebraska
2pm Pac-12: Oregon at Utah
3:30pm FOX: Washington St. at Colorado
3:30pm ABC: Indiana at Michigan
3:30pm ESPN: Florida St. at Syracuse
3:30pm ESPN2: Texas at Kansas
3:30pm ESPNU: Navy at East Carolina
3:30pm ESPNEWS: Buffalo at Western Michigan
3:30pm BTN: Iowa at Illinois
5:30pm Pac-12: Stanford at California
7pm ESPN: Clemson at Wake Forest
7pm ESPN2: Arkansas at Mississippi St.
7pm ESPNU: Chattanooga at Alabama
7pm CBSSN: Tulsa at UCF
8pm ABC: Oklahoma at West Virginia
10:30pm ESPN: USC at UCLA
10:30pm Pac-12: Arizona at Oregon St.


Unknown said...

Any chance OK @ WVU isn't 8pm ABC/college gameday?

Matt Sarzyniak said...

ABC & College Gameday aren't mutually exclusive and I don't really care what game they choose for the pregame show (I'm not a watcher of pregame shows). As for alternatives, are there any based on the list you see above? Note that the Pac-12 seems to be locked to 10-10:30pm ET and the Big Ten games are going to be daytime games.

Unknown said...

Washington State v Colorado looks to be the only other potential match-up of top 25 teams. Maybe Clemson wake forest but that seems unlikely after the loss to Pitt.