Sunday, November 13, 2016

CFB TV Guesses for 2016 Week Thirteen (11/22/16 - 11/26/16)

Here are the games already set for television and/or webcast.  Here are the known available telecast windows.

* First, how many six day holds have been used.  Hopefully, I didn't miss one:

ConferenceMax number of holdsHolds used
ACC43 (10/8, 11/5, 11/19)
American21 (11/19)
Big 122 by FOX, 2 by ESPN3 total (11/5, 11;12, 11/19)
Big Ten4 (I think)3 or 4 (9/24, 10/8 ??, 11/12, 11/19)
Pac-122 by FOX, 2 by ESPN3 total (10/1, 11/5, 11/19)
SEC22 (10/8, 11/12)

It has been explained to me that the key indicator of a six day hold is when multiple games have not had their start times set.  There have been plenty of games this season that have been reserved for a group of networks, but placed at a specific start time.

To my knowledge, the SEC is at their max, so their schedule should not be affected.  I have question marks next to 10/8 for the Big Ten since Michigan at Rutgers start time, which was already set for a night game, was not finalized until 10/2.  If that counts as a six day hold, then the Big Ten should be done. The Big Ten confirms one remaining six day hold.

For the Big 12, 11/5's hold was between two ESPN games, so that one belongs to them.  I think 11/12 was done by FOX even though Baylor at Oklahoma ended up on ABC and West Virginia at Texas on FS1.  We'll see about 11/19 once game times are announced, but most of the games will end up with ESPN and ESPN doesn't have any 11/26 games, so let's place this one on their side.  If FOX has one more to use, expect it to get used for the three 12/3 games.

As for the Pac-12, I suspect FOX used theirs on 10/1 and 11/19.  ESPN definitely used one on 11/12 as there were no FOX selections being held, so they may look to decide between Utah at Colorado and Notre Dame at USC for 11/26.

So, just about everyone has at least one available for use this week, and you might be waiting for a start time for your game of choice once again.

* NC State at North Carolina will matter with respect to the ACC Coastal.  If UNC wins and Virginia Tech were to lose to Virginia, the Tar Heels would advance to the ACC Championship Game.  Hence, its get the early ABC slot on Black Friday.
* We've already seen one case where ESPN appears to have substituted sublicensed games, with Buffalo at Western Michigan being pulled from American Sports Network back to ESPN in exchange for Temple at Tulane.  Could the same thing happen with Toledo at Western Michigan?  I suppose it is possible.  Maybe the exchanged game is another American Athletic Conference game.
* FS1 is already confirmed to have both Big 12 games on Saturday, which leaves their broadcast network game for the Pac-12.  That telecast, per multiple listing services, is scheduled to start at 8pm ET with a one hour pregame.  The one hour pregame feels geared towards Notre Dame at USC where you would load up on pre-taped features along with a lot of highlights of the week, discussing the CFP, etc. and not Utah at Colorado, but maybe FOX will prove that to be wrong.
* Michigan at Ohio St. was locked into 12pm ET about three weeks ago.
* I went with Tennessee at Vanderbilt in the evening SEC Network slot over the Egg Bowl in the event that Tennessee is still alive to win the SEC East.  Florida would need to lose to LSU and Tennessee to beat Missouri to keep that scenario alive.

7pm ESPNU: Akron at Ohio

Ball St. at Miami (OH) & Central Michigan at Eastern Michigan on ESPN3

12pm ABC: NC State at North Carolina
12pm ESPN: Houston at Memphis
12pm CBSSN: Toledo at Western Michigan
3:30pm ABC: Nebraska at Iowa
3:30pm FOX: Washington at Washington St.
3:30pm FS1: TCU at Texas
5pm ESPNU: Louisiana Tech at Southern Miss
8:30pm ESPNU: Cincinnati at Tulsa

Buffalo at Bowling Green and Northern Illinois at Kent St. on ESPN3.

12pm ABC: Michigan at Ohio St.
12pm ESPN: Virginia at Virginia Tech
12pm ESPN2: Navy at SMU
12pm FS1: Kansas at Kansas St.
12pm ESPNU: Western Kentucky at Marshall
12pm ESPNEWS: Illinois at Northwestern
12pm SEC: Georgia Tech at Georgia
12pm CBSSN: UCF at USF
12pm BTN: Rutgers at Maryland
12:30pm ACC Network: Syracuse at Pittsburgh
2pm Pac-12: Rice at Stanford
3pm ACC RSNs: Boston College at Wake Forest
3:30pm ABC: Notre Dame at USC
3:30pm CBS: Auburn at Alabama
3:30pm ESPN: Wisconsin at Minnesota
3:30pm ESPN2: Michigan St. at Penn St.
3:30pm FS1: West Virginia at Iowa St.
3:30pm ESPNU: East Carolina at Temple
3:30pm BTN: Purdue at Indiana
4pm SEC: Mississippi St. at Ole Miss
4pm ESPNEWS: Duke at Miami (FL)
5:30pm Pac-12: Oregon at Oregon St.
7pm ESPN2: Kentucky at Louisville
7pm ESPNU: Wyoming at New Mexico
7:30pm SEC: Tennessee at Vanderbilt
7:45pm ESPN: Florida at Florida St.
8pm ABC: South Carolina at Clemson
8pm FOX: Utah at Colorado
8pm ESPNEWS: Tulane at Connecticut
10:15pm ESPN2: UCLA at California
10:15pm ESPNU: Utah St. at BYU


daniel anderson said...

I don't usually disagree with you but are you sure about ND/USC on FOX? you say that the one hour pregame feels geared towards Notre Dame at USC, but i think that ABC will get that game with FOX having Utah at Colorado.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

I said "it feels like its geared towards Notre Dame at USC...", but I never said that's what I thought would happen. What I'm curious to see is, if FOX selects ahead of ESPN and I'm not sure if they do, if FOX will take the game that could matter in the Pac-12 standings over the game that should bring a decent rating.

If you look at the actual guesses, we agree.