Saturday, November 11, 2017

CFB Six Day Guesses For 11/18

Stanford beating Washington last night shakes up a few things. 
  1. It elevates the Big Game's relevance in the Pac-12 as it puts Stanford in reach of a Pac-12 North championship.
  2. It does NOT give them control of their own destiny though.  That currently belongs to Washington St. by virtue of beating Stanford.
  3. Washington needs a loss by Stanford in the Big Game to have any shot at using the Apple Cup to win the Pac-12 North.
Pac-12 selection order is known for their six day holds (ESPN, FOX Sports, ESPN, Pac-12 Networks).  On the Rich Eisen Show, Joel Klatt brought up that he will be at Michigan at Wisconsin, which seems to imply FOX has the top choice.  This makes sense as I originally had ESPN with this choice, but it would leave FOX with, in my mind, only six top choices after including Ohio St. at Michigan on 11/25.

(Side note:  If Klatt knows where he'll be, it makes you wonder why they held off at least picking the game, but I can understand why they didn't set a time.)

I put the top Big 12 choice with ESPN too.  Dropped the open ESPNEWS window since it won't be used by any of the remaining conferences involved.  There's nothing saying that the Pac-12 can't have dueling night games on ABC & FOX with 9/26/15 being the most recent example either, but I left Cal-Stanford in the earlier afternoon slot.

Here we go:

12pm ABC: Virginia at Miami (FL)
12pm CBS: Texas A&M at Ole Miss
12pm FOX: Nebraska at Penn St.
12pm ESPN: Maryland at Michigan St.
12pm FS1: Kansas St. at Oklahoma St.
12pm FSN: Iowa St. at Baylor
12pm BTN: Purdue at Iowa
12pm BTN: Rutgers at Indiana
3:30pm ABC: Illinois at Ohio St.
3:30pm ESPN: Oklahoma at Kansas
3:30pm ESPN2: Texas at West Virginia
3:30pm ESPNU: Syracuse at Louisville
3:30pm BTN: Minnesota at Northwestern
4pm FOX: Michigan at Wisconsin
4pm FS1: California at Stanford
7pm ESPN: Mississippi St. at Arkansas
7pm ESPN2: LSU at Tennessee
7pm Pac-12: Utah at Washington
8pm ABC: UCLA at USC
8pm FOX: TCU at Texas Tech
10:45pm ESPN: Arizona at Oregon

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