Wednesday, November 8, 2017

MBK Schedule "Ground Rules"

To be honest, every time I felt I should write something regarding the MBK schedules as they were announced, I never felt there was any earth shattering items. Compared to prior seasons not much is different with respect to the college basketball schedule I list from prior years, but wanted to touch on a few items:

* For now, I'm still not listing paid streams from places like Ivy League Network, FloHoops, BTN Plus (which you can now get through FloHoops) and CUSA.TV, along with individual schools who charge to stream their games.  Please understand that I'm not excluding them because of this practice and I do reserve the right to add them into the schedule later this year as I'm still gathering data as to how many games fall into this bucket and whether its just easier to add them or add them with a distinction of a ($), which I'd need to code for.

* I don't list the streaming services of every network when there's a concurrent telecast.  I'm pretty sure you know which networks correspond to watching a game on WatchESPN, FOX Sports Go, CBSSN online or  Check often with the conference if its one that is televising locally & you don't see it listed.

* If you see the ESPN College Extra icon on a game, that means its on ESPN3 too.  For brevity, I try to cut down the images loading on the page with the number of games increasing.

* I try to go through the schedules again around 7-10 days in advance of a week starting because I flub on start times, RSN listings and schools don't announce everything they post or change on their website.  It happens. Bear with me and say something if it's wrong or missing.

* Hate scrolling through an entire week?  Use the daily schedule.  It flips to the next day at 5am ET every day.

* Like the text only pages?  Great.  I've heard over the past few years of intermittent printing issues that I've never been able to track down.  Because of that, please hit up the directions at the top about printing to PDF, then printing the PDF document.

* There are a couple loose ends to tie up with a few schools & conferences.  Awaiting for an official breakout of the games that Stadium will air on TV vs. what is expected to appear on Facebook or syndication.

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