Sunday, November 5, 2017

CFB TV Guesses for 2017 Week Twelve (11/14/17 - 11/18/17)

Here are the games already set for television and/or webcast.  Here are the known available telecast windows.

* ESPNEWS has been brought in for a full day's worth of windows.
* ACC RSNs will have a doubleheader available to them at 12pm & 3:30pm.
* With a Big East basketball game at 12pm, the Big 12's FSN window has moved to 2:30pm ET.
* SEC Network has two windows scheduled on their alternate channel at 12pm & 7:30pm.
* Both MAC games on 11/14 were moved to 7pm.  This adjustment was made in October.  Only noticed it today.  Same with the 11/15 ESPN2 game which had a time of 8pm at one point.
* CBS has another 12pm & 3:30pm SEC doubleheader.  3:30pm is the first pick.  I am treating the 12pm game as if its being sublicensed from ESPN.  ESPN sublicensed TCU at Arkansas to CBS earlier in the year and had a 2nd game to sublicense.  I'm slotting CBS with the fourth pick this particular week.
* Jon Wilner of Bay Area News Group says that ESPN will have the top pick for 11/18 and will have two selections.  FOX Sports will have the 2nd selection and the Pac-12 Networks has the final two.
* For the purposes of this exercise, I believe ESPN will have top choice for the Big Ten and FOX has it for the Big 12.
* I could see ESPN asking for Michigan at Wisconsin to be played at night.  Might be the best game available to them. If moved to primetime, it would require both schools to sign off on the move.
* I can see six day holds being used on the ACC, Big 12 & Pac-12.  Plenty of ambiguity with respect to the best available game.
* If there was to be a split regional ACC Network window, look for Delaware St. at North Carolina to be added on.  I'm unsure that there will be though.

Six day picks used: ACC (3 of 4), American (1 of 2), Big 12 (2 of 4), Big Ten (1 of 4 ???), SEC (2 of 2), Pac-12 (2 of 4, ESPN and FOX each have one left to use)

Who picked first so far (COMPLETE SPECULATION) and selection counts
Big 12: 
  • ESPN: 9/9, 9/16, 9/23, 10/14, 10/28 
    • Had top choice of weeks to select first.
    • 18 games scheduled out of a maximum of 23.
  • FOX Sports: 9/2, 9/30, 10/7, 10/21, 11/4, 11/11
Big Ten: 
  • ESPN: 9/2, 9/9, 9/30, 10/7, 10/21, 11/4
    • 24 selections used out of 27.
  • FOX Sports: 9/16, 9/23, 10/14, 10/28, 11/11
    • FOX has overall first choice of weeks, which should be for Ohio St. at Michigan on 11/25.
    • 22 selections used out of 27. Count excludes conference championship game.
  • ESPN: 9/23, 9/30, 10/14, 10/21, 10/28, 11/4, 11/18
    • 19 selections used out of 22. Count excludes conference championship game.
  • FOX Sports: 9/2, 9/9, 9/16, 10/7, 11/11
    • FOX Sports had top choice of games to reserve in advance.  It is unknown what that game is.
    • 19 selections used out of 22.
Tuesday 11/14
7pm ESPN2: Ohio at Akron
7pm ESPNU: Central Michigan at Kent St.

Wednesday 11/15
7pm ESPN2: Toledo at Bowling Green
7pm CBSSN: Eastern Michigan at Miami (OH)
8pm ESPNU: Western Michigan at Northern Illinois

Saturday 11/18
12pm ABC: Kansas St. at Oklahoma St.
12pm FOX: Illinois at Ohio St.
12pm CBS: Texas A&M at Ole Miss
12pm ESPN: Pittsburgh at Virginia Tech
12pm ESPN2: Minnesota at Northwestern
12pm FS1: Oklahoma at Kansas
12pm ESPNU: Texas at West Virginia
12pm ESPNEWS: Delaware St. at Florida St.
12pm SEC: Wofford at South Carolina
12pm SEC: UAB at Florida
12pm ACC RSNs: Duke at Georgia Tech
12pm BTN: Maryland at Michigan St.
12pm CBSSN: Cincinnati at East Carolina
12:20pm ACC Network: Syracuse at Louisville
2:30pm FSN: Iowa St. at Baylor
3:30pm ABC: Michigan at Wisconsin
3:30pm CBS: Kentucky at Georgia
3:30pm ESPN: UCLA at USC
3:30pm ESPN2: TCU at Texas Tech
3:30pm ESPNU: NC State at Wake Forest
3:30pm ACC RSNs: The Citadel at Clemson
3:30pm BTN: Rutgers at Indiana
4pm FOX: Nebraska at Penn St.
4pm FS1: Purdue at Iowa
4pm ESPNEWS: SMU at Memphis
4pm SEC: Mercer at Alabama
4pm Pac-12: California at Stanford
7pm ESPN2: LSU at Tennessee
7pm ESPNU: UCF at Temple
7:15pm ESPN: Mississippi St. at Arkansas
7:30pm SEC: Missouri at Vanderbilt
7:30pm SEC: UL-Monroe at Auburn
8pm ABC: Virginia at Miami (FL)
8pm FOX: Utah at Washington
8pm ESPNEWS: Houston at Tulane
9pm Pac-12: Arizona St. at Oregon St.
10:15pm ESPN2: Air Force at Boise St.
10:45pm ESPN: Arizona at Oregon

Western Carolina at North Carolina
Texas St. at Arkansas St.
New Mexico St. at UL-Lafayette
South Alabama at Georgia Southern
Coastal Carolina at Idaho


Schmolik said...

I think College Gameday will originate from Madison (although they have times chosen some off the wall location like Harvard or Western Michigan the Saturday before Rivalry Week before). If they aren't the prime time game the 3:30pm slot on ABC is a good slot for Michigan-Wisconsin.

I would think California-Stanford would be ranked higher than Arizona-Oregon so unless Pac-12 has priority over ESPN or the Big Game has to be during the daytime, I think that should be in the ESPN 10:45pm ET slot. I'd argue because of Love that game might be higher than UCLA-USC for the 3:30pm FOX slot and Berkeley did stomp all over Wazzu this year. I'm not sure how Utah/Washington is the top Pac-12 game of the week in the FOX prime time slot, I would think Stanford with Love and USC would be more national teams than USC, especially with the rivalry slots. I'd be more interested in seeing UCLA-USC or Cal-Stanford than two teams with no rivalry. I'm sure no Pac-12 games will be determined until after this Saturday's games.

Miami hosting 3 times in a row in prime time? But I guess there's really no one else assuming Wisconsin says no. If I were ABC, I'd air UCLA-USC or Cal-Stanford but that would go against FOX's game. I'm guessing FOX's contract requires a certain number of Pac-12 prime time games so that's unavoidable.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Bryce Love had 69 yards in a loss to Washington St. Don't know that we're showcasing him anymore. At this point, Cal-Stanford & Arizona-Oregon are both 6-3 vs. 5-5. Khalil Tate is worth being shown too, even if Arizona is less likely to win the South. As I mentioned at the top, a six day hold is quite possible.

If you didn't catch it at the top, Pac-12 selection order is listed. I went Crosstown over the game involving Washington.

Both Stanford & Cal strongly prefer their game during the day, but it's been at night recently.

Head to the main season page & click the Pac-12 link for info about contractual parameters.

Unknown said...

UCLA USC should be on ABC and Michigan vs Wisconsin at night on ABC

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Hi Kyle. Michigan at Wisconsin won't be a night game. 12pm, 3:30pm or 4pm per both schools.

Schmolik said...

Nebraska at Penn State also not at night.

Schmolik said...

Ohio State-Illinois also out. No Big Ten prime time games at all per

So with the Big 10 and ACC out and SEC not allowed on ABC or FOX, that leaves prime time with Big 12 or Pac 12. Could we see Pac 12 vs. Pac 12?

Matt Sarzyniak said...

There's nothing against both having night games from the Pac-12. See 9/26/2015.

Schmolik said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Schmolik said...

The week before rivalry week doesn't seem to give many good games, especially in the SEC when a lot of teams play non conference teams. In fact in the 2018 SEC schedule on Nov. 17 there are three conference games and eight non conference including Alabama playing Citadel and Florida playing Idaho! CBS would be stupid to schedule a doubleheader this week. They really should schedule a doubleheader Nov. 24 where they could get the Iron Bowl and another game like LSU-Texas A&M or Georgia Tech-Georgia. In fact, maybe they can schedule the Iron Bowl for prime time instead of Alabama-LSU on November 3.

I think Cal-Stanford and UCLA-USC should be on Rivalry Week, not the week before. Who does Notre Dame think they are? Notre Dame isn't USC's rival, UCLA is. Same with Stanford. Have Notre Dame-USC on November 17 next year. Notre Dame should find a new rival on November 24 (maybe Michigan State?)

On the other hand, I think Oklahoma and Oklahoma State should play Nov. 17 next year. They obviously didn't want to play the last week since they might meet in the Big 12 championship but they wound up the same week as Alabama-LSU and wound up on FS1. So if they played on Nov. 17 they probably wind up on prime time, especially if no Big Ten team wants to play in prime time next year.

BTW I deleted the last comment because for some reason I thought my earlier comment about the Big Ten didn't go through but it did.

Schmolik said...

Forgot to check that the Big 12 did release their 2018 schedule. Oklahoma-Ok. State is Nov. 10. At least they're not vs. Alabama-LSU. West Virginia-Oklahoma State and Iowa State-Texas are the best Big 12 games I see (Oklahoma hosts Kansas and TCU is at Baylor). Big Ten 2018 is out. It probably doesn't matter if no one wants to play prime time but the best game I see is Michigan State-Nebraska (assuming Nebraska is back). ACC and Pac-12 to my knowledge are not out. Assuming Notre Dame gets its way, I'm guessing USC-UCLA will be November 17 at the Rose Bowl. I would guess Clemson and Florida State will play scrubs November 17 to prepare for South Carolina and Florida like they are on November 18 this year. Maybe ABC/FOX should cancel their prime time games on November 17 next year.