Monday, October 22, 2018

CFB TV Confirmations for 2018 Week 10 (11/1/18 - 11/3/18)

This post will be updated as announcements come out for start times for 11/1 & 11/3 from the twelve day selection process that most TV networks adhere to.  Please understand that games can be held until next Sunday if a broadcaster wants to wait on the results of the Week Nine games.  Most conferences have the possibility of having all or part of their games held for a six day hold of the start time.  The MAC games on 11/1 could wait for the results of at least the 10/25 MAC games,

The list of available TV windows are based on media websites, TV listings and press releases.  They can change based on the needs of the broadcaster or the conference.

Here's what I guessed based on the available openings (they will prove to be incorrect) and here is the current schedule for the week as several FBS games do have their time & television/webcast assignments already accounted for. 

The number of six day holds available for each conference
ACC: 3 (two used: 10/6 & 10/27)
American: 1 (one used: 10/27 by ESPN)
Big 12: 3 (one used on 11/3)
Big Ten: 3 (one used: 10/27 by FOX it appears)
SEC: 1 (one used on 11/3)
Pac-12: 2 (10/6 by FOX & 11/3 by ESPN)

Six Day Decisions for 11/3
12pm ESPN: Missouri at Florida, Georgia at Kentucky or Texas A&M at Auburn
3:30pm CBS: Missouri at Florida or Georgia at Kentucky 
3:30pm FOX: Oklahoma at Texas Tech or West Virginia at Texas
4pm SEC: Missouri at Florida, Georgia at Kentucky or Texas A&M at Auburn
7:15pm ESPN: Notre Dame at Northwestern, Oklahoma at Texas Tech or West Virginia at Texas
7:30pm or 8pm ABC: Notre Dame at Northwestern (7:30pm), Oklahoma at Texas Tech (8pm) or West Virginia at Texas (8pm)
9pm Pac-12: California at Washington St. or Stanford at Washington
10:45pm ESPN: California at Washington St. or Stanford at Washington

Thursday 11/1
7pm ESPNU: Ohio at Western Michigan or Northern Illinois at Akron
7pm CBSSN: Ohio at Western Michigan or Northern Illinois at Akron

Saturday 11/3
12pm ABC: Louisville at Clemson
12pm FOX: Nebraska at Ohio St.
12pm ESPN2: Michigan St. at Maryland
12pm FS1: Oklahoma St. at Baylor
12pm ESPNU: Memphis at East Carolina
12pm SEC: South Carolina at Ole Miss
12pm FSN: Iowa St. at Kansas
12pm BTN: Rutgers at Wisconsin
12pm ACC RSNs: Syracuse at Wake Forest
12:15pm Raycom: Georgia Tech at North Carolina
3:30pm ABC or ESPN2: Iowa at Purdue
3:30pm ABC or ESPN2: Florida St. at NC State
3:30pm FS1: Kansas St. at TCU
3:30pm ESPNU: Navy at Cincinnati
3:30pm CBSSN: Tulane at USF
3:30pm BTN: Minnesota at Illinois
3:45pm ESPN: Penn St. at Michigan
3:45pm Raycom: Boston College at Virginia Tech
4pm SEC Alternate: Charlotte at Tennessee
4pm Pac-12: Utah at Arizona St.
7pm ESPN2: Duke at Miami (FL)
7pm ESPNU: Houston at SMU
7pm CBSSN: Connecticut at Tulsa
7:30pm FOX: UCLA at Oregon
7:30pm SEC: Louisiana Tech at Mississippi St.
8pm CBS: Alabama at LSU
10pm FS1: USC at Oregon St.
10:15pm ESPN2: BYU at Boise St.
10:15pm ESPNU: San Diego St. at New Mexico


Anonymous said...

Chris Petersen must thrilled with either of those start times especially if it's the later one

Darrell McKown said...

How in the world did FOX allow themselves to be stuck with the third picks in both the Big Ten and Pac-12, plus four Big 12 games, in what looks like the best week of the season other than the Saturday after Thanksgiving?

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Might have better choices down the line.

Darrell McKown said...

They could have better choices down line, however when you factor out the games that have been pre-selected, there aren't many top games left in the FOX conferences to use those choices on. The best games I see over the remaining three weeks are Notre Dame-USC and Wisconsin-Penn State.

I'm sure this is just my perception, but it seems to me that FOX ends up with a worse slate of games from the Big 10, Big 12 and Pac-12 than ESPN more often than not, even though we know that at least for the Big 10 they are paying a lot more money than ESPN (acknowledging that they get the conference championship game every year).

arc727 said...

I’ll never understand the reasoning behind these decision-makers. Notre Dame wins and Northwestern upsets Wisconsin; seems like it’d be the perfect candidate for 8 pm ABC. Instead it’s buried on cable at an obsure time. Meanwhile, Texas Tech loses to Iowa St and Oklahoma blows out yet another opponent, and that game is what gets the primetime ABC slot. I know any primetime game has to compete with LSU/Bama, but it still doesn’t make any sense to me.

Also, on a side note, except for the PPV game, Oklahoma has been on broadcast television (ABC or FOX) every game so far this season. Must be some kind of record.