Sunday, September 15, 2019

CFB TV Guesses for 2019 Week Five (9/28/19)

Here are the games already set for television and/or webcast.  Here are the known available telecast windows.

Things to know in advance
* The literature provided for the FOX network schedule has their window at 12pm carrying a Big 12 game and the 3:30pm window showing a Pac-12 game.
* FS1 has MLB at 4pm ET & prelim matches for a PBC PPV at 8pm.
* Jon Wilner's Pac-12 Hotline had Pac-12 selection order in the following way: FOX, then FS1, ESPN and Pac-12 Networks
* Indiana is Michigan St.'s homecoming game and it will air at 3:30pm or 4pm.
* Middle Tennessee at Iowa will air on ESPN, ESPN2 or ESPNU.
* UNLV at Wyoming & Hawai'i at Nevada will air on ESPN's linear TV platforms or ESPN3.
* No night game window is scheduled for BTN as they will be carrying volleyball.

Decisions I made
* Knowing that FOX had the top Pac- 12 choice, I assumed the following:
  • The listings I was sent that FOX's broadcast windows would be Big 12 & Pac-12 pushed me in the direction of the Big Ten's top choice airing on ABC. When you add in that BTN isn't scheduled to show a football game on primetime, it puts my focus on the best Big Ten game available in the ABC 7:30 pm slot.
  • From there, I assumed that FOX also had the top Big 12 selection.
  • I considered Ole Miss at Alabama for the CBS pick, but want as much flexibility to choose Alabama, & have the Iron Bowl in play, for the Thanksgiving weekend selections.
  • The Pirates have a home game at night, which uses shared parking for Pitt football, and Syracuse scheduled a fan fest in late afternoon, so it stands to reason that both are early afternoon starts.
12pm ABC: Clemson at North Carolina
12pm FOX: Texas Tech at Oklahoma
12pm ESPN: Rutgers at Michigan
12pm ESPN2: Texas A&M vs. Arkansas
12pm FS1: Kansas at TCU
12pm ESPNU: Georgia Tech at Temple
12pm SECN: Towson at Florida
12pm ACCN: Holy Cross at Syracuse
12pm BTN: Minnesota at Purdue
12pm CBSSN: Central Michigan at Western Michigan
12:30pm ACC RSN: Delaware at Pittsburgh
3:30pm ABC: Kansas St. at Oklahoma St.
3:30pm CBS: Mississippi St. at Auburn
3:30pm FOX: USC at Washington
3:30pm ESPN: Northwestern at Wisconsin
3:30pm ESPN2: Middle Tennessee at Iowa
3:30pm ESPNU: Connecticut at UCF
3:30pm BTN: Indiana at Michigan St.
3:30pm CBSSN: SMU at USF
4pm SECN: Northern Illinois at Vanderbilt
4pm ACCN: Wake Forest at Boston College
7pm ESPN: Ole Miss at Alabama
7pm ESPN2: Iowa St. at Baylor
7pm ESPNU: BYU at Toledo
7pm Pac-12: Stanford at Oregon St.
7:30pm ABC: Ohio St. at Nebraska
7:30pm SECN: Kentucky at South Carolina
7:30pm ACCN: NC State at Florida St.
10pm FS1: Washington St. at Utah
10:15pm ESPNU: UNLV at Wyoming
10:30pm ESPN: UCLA at Arizona
10:30pm ESPN2: Hawaii at Nevada


Schmolik said...

Surprisingly, I think CBS should actually save Auburn and not Alabama on Sept. 28. If you throw out Sept. 28...

Oct. 5: Auburn at Florida
Oct. 12: Florida at LSU
Oct. 19: Tennessee at Alabama or Florida at South Carolina
Oct. 26: Auburn at LSU
Nov. 2: Georgia vs. Florida (already announced)
Nov. 9: LSU at Alabama
Nov. 16: TBD, noon (I believe CBS picks behind ESPN for noon games)
Nov. 16: Georgia at Auburn
Nov. 23: Texas A&M at Georgia
Nov. 30: Alabama at Auburn

Auburn's five would be Texas A&M this Saturday, Florida, LSU, Georgia, and Alabama. If you waste Auburn this week, they'd have to give up one of the others.

Right now Alabama has South Carolina in the books and LSU and Auburn as gimmes. They can take Alabama on Sept. 28 and Tennessee on Oct. 19.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Oklahoma State @ Texas already selected at 7:30 ET on ABC?

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Oklahoma St. at Texas is being played on 9/21

William said...

As far as the Pac-12 is concerned, I would rather see 2 undefeated ranked teams play in the Fox broadcast afternoon slot rather two 0.500 teams (USC and Washington, assuming both lose on Friday and Saturday, respectively), even though the latter will get more eyeballs being in large population centers (LA and Seattle). I would not be too shocked if Fox did a 6-day hold on this so that could wait on the outcome of next week's games.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

They can't put WSU-Utah on a six day hold because it is the Utes homecoming game.

Anonymous said...


I bet CBS was thinking they were going to use Tennessee-Florida as the afternoon game of this week's doubleheader, and not air Auburn-A&M.

But then the Vols had to muck up and lose to GAST and BYU and make the Florida game unappealing

Craig said...

I have doubts that CBS would simply go with Alabama-Tennessee on the 19th, since it is likely to be a complete whitewash if Tennessee continues to struggle. That looks like a week for a 6-day hold, since the other games are Texas A&M-Ole Miss, LSU-Mississippi State and Florida-South Carolina, all of which CBS might have a look at.