Sunday, September 29, 2019

CFB TV Guesses for 2019 Week Seven (10/12/19)

Here are the games already set for television and/or webcast.  Here are the known available telecast windows.

Things to know in advance
* FOX is only scheduled to show Oklahoma vs. Texas on their broadcast network at 12pm ET.  The evening is set aside to air ALCS Game 1 and non-network programming in mid afternoon.
* FS1 has a NASCAR truck series race at 1:30pm.  Their TV windows are listed for 4pm, 7:30pm and 11pm ET.
* BTN is once again scheduled to carry volleyball in the evening.  Their schedule at lists two game windows at 12pm ET.
* ESPN has no 3:30pm window.  Instead they have windows at 6pm & 9pm ET.  This often indicates a doubleheader of SEC games.
* The following games are locked into their start times, or a 30 minute window of start times:
  • Rutgers at Indiana (12pm)
  • Maryland at Purdue (12pm)
  • Michigan St. at Wisconsin (3:30pm or 4pm)
* The following games have been reserved for ESPN Networks, but without a start time
  • Michigan at Illinois (ABC, ESPN or ESPN2)
  • Hawai'i at Boise St. (Any ESPN platform except ESPN+)
Decisions I made
* I gave ESPN the top Big Ten and Pac-12 choices.  FOX, by use of Oklahoma-Texas, had the top Big 12 pick.
* Can Indiana & Purdue play on BTN at the same time?  Not unheard of, but it hasn't happened in several years.  I found these instances.  Most are November instances when the Big Ten was extremely strict on night games, but a couple were in October.

10/27/07: Northwestern at Purdue & Indiana at Wisconsin
11/1/08: Central Michigan at Indiana & Michigan at Purdue
11/8/08: Wisconsin at Indiana & Purdue at Michigan St.
11/7/09: Wisconsin at Indiana & Purdue at Michigan
10/23/10: Indiana at Illinois & Purdue at Ohio St.
11/6/10: Iowa at Indiana & Wisconsin at Purdue
11/19/11: Indiana at Michigan St. & Iowa at Purdue

* If Indiana & Purdue no longer can play on BTN at the same time, make the following changes:

  • Move Maryland at Purdue to ESPN2, still at 12pm
  • Send Iowa St. at West Virginia to FS1 at 4pm
  • Put Nebraska at Minnesota on BTN at 12pm
  • Move Michigan St. at Wisconsin to BTN at 3:30pm

* Also, if Indiana & Purdue can't play on BTN at the same time, my alternate scenario means that all Big 12 selections are FOX Sports & no Big Ten games would be selected by them except for BTN.  Its not unheard of FOX Sports to not select any Big Ten games for FOX & FS1.  Just look at 9/28 of this season.

* Could also see a reverse mirror on ABC & ESPN2 using the games I selected.  Pac-12 & American can be reverse mirrored.  See 10/13/18 as an example.

12pm ABC: Michigan at Illinois
12pm ESPN: Florida St. at Clemson
12pm ESPN2: Iowa St. at West Virginia
12pm ESPNU: Connecticut at Tulane
12pm SECN: Arkansas at Kentucky
12pm BTN: Rutgers at Indiana
12pm BTN: Maryland at Purdue
12pm CBSSN: Toledo at Bowling Green
12:30pm ACCN: Rhode Island at Virginia Tech
3:30pm ABC: Washington at Arizona
3:30pm CBS: Florida at LSU
3:30pm ESPN2: Memphis at Temple
3:30pm ESPNU: Cincinnati at Houston
3:30pm BTN: Nebraska at Minnesota
3:30pm CBSSN: Navy at Tulsa
4pm FS1: Michigan St. at Wisconsin
4pm SECN: Ole Miss at Missouri
4pm ACCN: Georgia Tech at Duke
6pm ESPN: South Carolina at Georgia
7pm ESPN2: BYU at USF
7pm ESPNU: UNLV at Vanderbilt
7pm Pac-12: Utah at Oregon St.
7:30pm ABC: Penn St. at Iowa
7:30pm FS1: Texas Tech at Baylor
7:30pm SECN: Mississippi St. at Tennessee
7:30pm ACCN: Louisville at Wake Forest
9pm ESPN: Alabama at Texas A&M
10:15pm ESPN2: Hawaii at Boise St.
11pm FS1: Washington St. at Arizona St.

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