Monday, October 28, 2019

CFB TV Confirmations for 2019 Week 11 (11/9/19)

This post will be updated as announcements come out for start times for 11/9 from the twelve day selection process that most TV networks adhere to.  Please understand that games can be held until next Sunday if a broadcaster wants to wait on the results of the Week Ten games.  Most conferences have the possibility of having all or part of their games held for a six day hold of the start time.  

The list of available TV windows are based on media websites, TV listings and press releases.  They can change based on the needs of the broadcaster or the conference.

Here's what I guessed based on the available openings (they will prove to be incorrect) and here is the current schedule for the week as several FBS games do have their time & television/webcast assignments already accounted for.

The number of six day holds available for each conference
ACC: 2 (10/12, 11/2)
American: 2 (11/2)
Big 12: 3 (11/9)
Big Ten: 3 (10/12)
SEC: 2 (10/19)
Pac-12: 4

Games on six day holds
Kansas St. at Texas & Baylor at TCU - Either 12pm FS1 OR 3:30pm ABC or ESPN

12pm ABC: Penn St. at Minnesota
12pm FOX: Maryland at Ohio St.
12pm ESPN: Vanderbilt at Florida
12pm ESPN2/ESPNU: East Carolina at SMU
12pm ESPN2/ESPNU: Texas Tech at West Virginia
12pm SECN: Western Kentucky at Arkansas
12pm BTN: Purdue at Northwestern
12pm ACCN: Florida St. at Boston College
12:30pm ACC RSNs: Georgia Tech at Virginia
3pm Pac-12: Stanford at Colorado
3pm ESPN3: South Alabama at Texas St.
3:30pm ABC/ESPN: USC at Arizona St.
3:30pm ESPN2/ACCN: Louisville at Miami (FL)
3:30pm ESPN2/ACCN: Wake Forest at Virginia Tech
3:30pm FS1: Illinois at Michigan St.
3:30pm ESPNU: Dartmouth vs. Princeton
3:30pm CBSSN: Connecticut at Cincinnati
3:30pm ESPN+: Georgia Southern at Troy
4pm FOX: Iowa at Wisconsin
4pm SECN: New Mexico St. at Ole Miss
5pm ESPN+: Georgia St. at UL-Monroe
7pm ESPN: Missouri at Georgia
7pm ESPN2: Appalachian St. at South Carolina
7pm Pac-12: Washington St. at California
7:30pm ABC: Clemson at NC State
7:30pm ESPNU: Liberty at BYU
7:30pm SECN: Tennessee at Kentucky
7:30pm ACCN: Notre Dame at Duke
8pm FOX: Iowa St. at Oklahoma
10:15pm ESPN: Wyoming at Boise St.
10:30pm ESPN2: Nevada at San Diego St.


Darrell McKown said...

Matt - a couple of questions:

Do you have any thoughts on why the selection order for the Pac-12 get leaked several weeks a year, while that rarely happens for the Big Ten or Big 12? It's the same networks, so does Wilner just have better sources that are more willing to give him the picks than in the other two conferences?

Going off your guesses as to the first picks each week, ESPN would have now picked first seven weeks in a row, and it would be seven for ESPN and four for FOX through 11 weeks. We know that FOX has weeks 13 and 14, but that still seems an odd pattern for the year. Curious as to you thoughts on Week 2 (whether Cincinnati-Ohio State might have been the first pick over Army-Michigan and particularly week 3 where I would have thought Pittsburg-Penn State would have been the first pick over the two FOX network games). Also, I assume the second pick on week 9 could have been selected before the first of several weeks, particularly week 1, unless they have to select all the first picks initially. Thoughts?

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Hi Darrell.

I think the interest in the Pac-12 selection order is more for their fan bases for several reasons. Some to do with where the Pac-12 Networks fall in the order, some to do with where ESPN and or FOX get a selection. The Pac-12 also has, in theory, less opportunities for "day" games because of geography, so there appears to be a desire to know the time of day for games.

As for the Big Ten order, to me it looks like a standard distribution. FOX Sports seems to use the MLB postseason as its programming driver in October, so September & November are where they may be more apt to pick towards the top.

As for how they value picks over the season, I have no idea. TV partners I assume know the maximum number they could pick from a conference over the course of a year and use that as a guide as to the number they pick from the Big Ten, Big 12 and Pac-12 (the three shared rights conferences).