Sunday, November 1, 2020

CFB TV Guesses for 2020 Week 11 (11/14/20)

Here are the games already set for television and/or webcast. Here are the known available telecast windows. 

I have done my best to list what TV windows are out there. Every listing service has a little different schedule for these networks. It is also possible that a window could be eliminated or the time of a window could shift slightly to accommodate a network's needs.

Considerations (you might want to read these instead of skipping past them)
* CBS has selected Alabama at LSU in advance.  All remaining SEC games will be on ESPN channels. Even though Alabama at LSU is not starting until 6pm ET, to my knowledge not an exclusive primetime window for CBS. I am assuming that ESPN will be allowed to use the mid afternoon ESPN and/or ESPN2 windows, keeping the evening windows free for CBS from primetime SEC games on ESPN, ESPN2 and/or ESPNU.
* ESPN's late evening window has Top Rank Boxing. A late evening slot on ESPN2 exists for the Pac-12 to use.
* I am under the impression that the Big Ten has suspended its rules regarding a game's competing schools having to approve primetime appearances after the 1st weekend in November with BTN having a 7:30pm window along with attendance limitations in most Big Ten localities, so I've also placed Indiana at Michigan State in primetime on ESPN.
* There's nothing against competing Big Ten games on ABC and FOX at the same time, hence the dueling games at 12pm ET.
* FS1's primetime slot has Premier Boxing Champions from 8pm-10pm ET. Listings show an 11pm ET college football slot after it, but I'm unsure at this time whether that's a replay or live game, since FS1 has a taped program at 10pm ET, so I'm treating it as a game replay and not using it for any live games.
* Memphis at Navy will air on an ESPN network. It was the remaining Navy home game that was provided to ESPN as part of the American's TV rights.
* TV Passport lists "To Be Announced" on FS2 at 2:30pm ET, 6pm ET and 10:30pm ET.  With all programming blocks being 3 hours and 30 minutes, I'm using them for the three Mountain West games that FOX Sports has chosen to air.
* I gave FOX Sports the top choice from the Big 12 and Big Ten.  ESPN received top pick from the Pac-12.

Number of six day holds used
Big 12: 2 (10/3, 11/7)
SEC: 1 (10/10)

Most conferences have up to 4 six day holds to use in a full season, but I am unsure if that number has decreased for some conferences who are playing shorter schedules.

12pm ABC: Wisconsin at Michigan
12pm FOX: Ohio State at Maryland
12pm ESPN: Arkansas at Florida
12pm ESPN2: Army at Tulane
12pm FS1: TCU at West Virginia
12pm ESPNU: Memphis at Navy
12pm SEC: South Carolina at Ole Miss
12pm BTN: Illinois at Rutgers
12pm ACC: Wake Forest at North Carolina
2:30pm FS2: Fresno State at Utah State
3:30pm ABC: Oregon at Washington State
3:30pm ESPN: Georgia at Missouri
3:30pm ESPN2: Auburn at Mississippi State
3:30pm ESPNU: California at Arizona State
3:30pm BTN: Northwestern at Purdue
4pm FOX: Oregon State at Washington
4pm FS1: Baylor at Texas Tech
4pm SEC: Vanderbilt at Kentucky
4pm ACC: Florida State at NC State
6pm FS2: Nevada at New Mexico
7pm ESPN: Indiana at Michigan State
7pm ESPN2: SMU at Tulsa
7pm ESPNU: Coastal Carolina at Troy
7pm ACC RSN: Pitt at Georgia Tech
7:30pm ABC: Notre Dame at Boston College
7:30pm SEC: Texas A&M at Tennessee
7:30pm BTN: Penn State at Nebraska
8pm FOX: USC at Arizona
8pm ACC: Miami (FL) at Virginia Tech
10:30pm ESPN2: Colorado at Stanford
10:30pm FS2: UNLV at San Jose State

Temple at UCF
USF at Houston
Rice at Louisiana Tech
Georgia State at Appalachian State
ULM at Arkansas State
Texas State at Georgia Southern
South Alabama at Louisiana


gcotton said...

I think so much is shaky right now with the B1G West teams (WISC & ILL in particular) that who knows if these teams will be able to play this week or any week going forward. But I guess that is the same for pretty much any team at this point.

Schmolik said...

If each Big Ten team has to appear on BTN twice, Ohio State's remaining games are Maryland, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan State, and Michigan (already promised to FOX). Maryland looks like one of the weakest. Illinois is the weakest but that's Thanksgiving Saturday where more people probably watch football so I'd think FOX and ESPN/ABC would like to showcase OSU. Maybe this week is the Buckeyes' 2nd BTN game.

If FOX really had 1st pick, I would take Wisconsin at Michigan despite the fact that Michigan sucked yesterday.

gcotton said...

That was my original thought as well concerning OSU. I think I mentioned that last week. Really surprised that this week's game against RUT is a night game, lol...I figured both RUT and MARY would be noon on BTN.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

If Maryland had lost to Minnesota, then yes, I probably put this one on BTN.

Darrell McKown said...

I would assume that ESPN got something for allowing CBS to encroach on their prime time window. Perhaps CBS lost their exclusive window and ESPN can run a SEC tripleheader as compensation.