Sunday, November 8, 2020

Six Day CFB TV Guesses for 11/14/20

Since there's enough games to pick, here's bonus 11/14 guesses. I'm assuming that the Pac-12 enjoyed their noon ET foray enough to try it again, especially with Arizona hosting to make it a 10am local start. 

Because the Pac-12 stipulates that games cannot be slotted later than 8pm local time, i did have to adjust the late ESPN2 start time from 10:30pm to 10pm ET.

12pm ABC: Miami (FL) at Virginia Tech
12pm FOX: USC at Arizona
12pm ESPN2: Indiana at Michigan State
12pm ACCN: Wake Forest at North Carolina
3:30pm ABC: Notre Dame at Boston College 
4pm FOX: TCU at West Virginia
8pm FOX: Oregon at Washington State
10pm ESPN2: California at Arizona State

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