Sunday, October 14, 2012

10/27 CFB TV Selection Guesses

A few notes

* CBS has already selected the Florida-Georgia game from Jacksonville for its 3:30pm ET game.  A fairly safe bet either way when you look at the rest of the SEC schedule, save for Mississippi St.-Alabama which looks decent right now.
* FOX does not have a primetime game this week due to the World Series.  They'll have a 3:30pm game on FOX and a 3pm game on F/X
* I've moved the Michigan-Nebraska game up one hour to 7pm on ESPN2.  This is to accommodate a Pac-12 window in the evening, allow for Ohio St.-Penn St. to be a doubleheader on ESPN and give Notre Dame-Oklahoma a full national telecast on ABC at 8pm.
* FOX did have Texas-Kansas in its leaked list.  I'm moving away from that and giving Texas Tech-Kansas St. the 3:30pm slot
* Yes, I crammed four games into ABC's 3:30pm slot.  SEC overcrowding from other slots never helps.  I know the Pac-12 games are supposed to be full national, at least that's what they've told us.  Not much I can do.
* Pac-12 Network is expected to do a tripleheader

12pm ESPN/ESPN2 & WatchESPN: Iowa at Northwestern (time confirmed)
12pm ESPN/ESPN2 & WatchESPN: Tennessee at South Carolina
12pm ESPNU & WatchESPN: Ole Miss at Arkansas
12pm FSN: Baylor at Iowa St.
12pm BTN & BTN2Go: Indiana at Illinois (time confirmed)
12pm SEC Network & ESPN3: Texas A&M at Auburn
12pm Big East Network & ESPN3: Syracuse at USF
12:30pm ACC Network & ESPN3: NC State at North Carolina
3pm F/X: Oregon St. at Washington
3pm Pac-12 Network & Washington St. at Stanford
3pm ACC RSNs & ESPN3: Maryland at Boston College
3:30pm FOX: Texas Tech at Kansas St.
3:30pm CBS & Florida vs. Georgia (confirmed)
3:30pm ABC/ESPN2 RM & WatchESPN: Michigan St. at Wisconsin (confirmed)
3:30pm ABC/ESPN2 RM & ESPN3: Colorado at Oregon
3:30pm ABC & ESPN3: TCU at Oklahoma St.
3:30pm ABC & ESPN3: Duke at Florida St.
3:30pm ESPNU & WatchESPN: BYU at Georgia Tech
3:30pm FSN: Texas at Kansas
3:30pm BTN & BTN2Go: Purdue at Minnesota
6pm ESPN & WatchESPN: Ohio St. at Penn St.
6:30pm Pac-12 Network & California at Utah
7pm ESPN2 & WatchESPN: Michigan at Nebraska
7pm ESPNU & WatchESPN: Kentucky at Missouri
7pm FSN: Navy at East Carolina (selected, time not confirmed)
7pm SEC/FOX RSNs & ESPN3: Massachusetts at Vanderbilt
8pm ABC: Notre Dame at Oklahoma
9:15pm ESPN & WatchESPN: Mississippi St. at Alabama
10:30pm ESPN & WatchESPN: USC at Arizona
10:30pm Pac-12 Network & UCLA at Arizona St.

ESPN3 Exclusives
Utah St. at UTSA
Temple at Pittsburgh


Joseph Miller said...

Is it possible there could be a second SEC Network game added to relieve at least a little bit of the glut? Shifting Ole Miss/Arkansas to there and splitting the telecast (something that happened occasionally when it was JP/Lincoln Financial) could be workable maybe.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

I was told by someone in the know with one of the SEC schools that they've requested no split syndication telecasts. They allowed one during the 1st year of the contract a few years back, but after that they scheduled an extra game to CSS to get around it.