Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Late selection guesses for 11/3 and some other stuff

* First, because I don't want it skimmed over, I'll be unavailable most of next week.  Will post selections on Sunday & Monday because I'll have time to do so & fix up the site for Saturday 11/3 during late evenings.  For the most part your tweets and emails will go ignored/unanswered until late evening.

* Unlike the SEC contract, which I'm told forbids it when unless both sides agree to it, the ACC contract must allow for Raycom to do a split regional game.  The ACC may also have a limit on the number of conference games that can be placed on ESPN3 exclusively and this is the way around it.

* The bad news at 12pm-3:30pm on 11/3 is that a few games aren't likely going to be shown through GamePlan.  GamePlan only has six channels available to use at any time.  With three SEC regional games, a Big East game, two ACC games, two ABC regional games and a MAC game, someone is likely going to get set aside.  At least the MAC game will get tossed, maybe joined in progress.  I'm pretty sure the ACC games can be viewed regardless of location over at the ACC website, so those two may have to sit the bench too.

* Sometimes when it comes to deciding who goes in what slot, sometimes I go with a ranking order with the combined number of wins by the two teams.  In that case, assuming that ESPNU is in more homes than the Big East Network, I wouldn't have placed UConn-USF in that slot since it had the least number of combined wins compared to the other two Big East games.

* Inquiring minds: ABC/ESPN will have used 14 of its 18 allotted slots once the 11/3 announcements come out.  10 on ABC, 2 on ESPN and 2 on Longhorn Network...The Big East minimum of 17 telecasts on ABC/ESPN/ESPN2 has also been hit (they're at 18), but they have not yet used their one Saturday night window on ABC/ESPN/ESPN2.  Don't think that the Florida St./USF 6pm start counts towards that either...ABC/ESPN have a max of 41 total football selections from the Big Ten.  There used to be a limit to the number of games on ABC (max of 16) and ESPN/ESPN2 (max of 25), but those no longer exist.  The selections can be spread out.  31 games, including two games on 11/3, have been set for ABC/ESPN/ESPN2.  I do not know if ESPNU games are part of the count.  If so, the number is 33...ABC/ESPN has scheduled 18 of its 22 Pac-12 windows, FOX has scheduled 17 of its 22 including the two Black Friday games on FOX & F/X.  FOX will likely use three more broadcast windows, meaning that the two remaining Pac-12 windows probably come from F/X on 11/10 and 11/17.

Here's the guesses

12pm ABC:  Oklahoma at Iowa St.
12pm ESPN: Texas A&M at Mississippi St.
12pm ESPN2: Ole Miss at Georgia
12pm BTN: Nebraska at Michigan St.
3pm FOX: Texas at Texas Tech
3:30pm CBS: Missouri at Florida
3:30pm ABC with Reverse Mirror:  TCU at West Virginia
3:30pm ABC with Reverse Mirror: Michigan at Minnesota
3:30pm ESPN: Illinois at Ohio St.
3:30pm ESPNU: Penn St. at Purdue
3:30pm BTN: Iowa at Indiana
8pm ABC: Oklahoma St. at Kansas St.

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