Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Postscript on 10/13 CFB TV selections

10/13 TV selections

* I don't know that it is 100% set in stone that Oregon St.-BYU will be reverse mirrored with Illinois-Michigan in Big Ten areas.  I know ESPN PR tweeted it was a split national telecast.  I say proceed with caution.  There may be dependencies on the West Virginia-Texas Tech and Washington St.-Oregon St. games, in addition to Utah St.-BYU.  ESPN's website schedule just lists the games as ABC, though what is known is that Illinois-Michigan will be mirrored on ESPN to those who don't see it on ABC.  The Big 12 contract doesn't require every game be full national, nor does it have a limit on reverse mirror games.  Stay tuned.  Wait for maps.

* I think the lack of flexibility that the Big Ten provides with respect to homecoming games hampers some network selections.  I agree with the need to limit and confirm night games early in the year, but don't understand the need to tie down homecoming kickoff times.

* The addition of the Texas A&M-Louisiana Tech game to the day, and the Bulldogs great play so far, added several twists to the scheduling.  A fourth ESPNU window was shoehorned in to the schedule to play this game at night and all other ESPNU windows were moved up one hour.  ESPNU initially was to replay their Midnight Madness coverage from the night before.

* Regardless of the A&M-LaTech being added to the schedule, one game was going to be put on ESPN3 from either the ACC or the Big East.  Part of the problem ESPN has with the glut of games it is trying to fit on their networks.

* Don't know if there is a limit on the number of 8:15pm local time starts the SEC will allow in a given season.  I know that the Big 12 does limit it.  That could be why the ESPN2 evening windows were pushed up a little with Boston College-Florida St. starting at 5:30pm ET (up from 6pm) and Tennessee-Mississippi St. at 9pm ET (up from 9:15pm).

* ESPN appears to have used both of its SEC priority picks for 2012 as part of allowing CBS to carry LSU-Alabama in primetime in 2011.  On 9/22 LSU-Auburn was the selection per ESPN's Brett McMurphy and the 10/13 selection of South Carolina-LSU was the other pick per Tuscaloosa News' Cecil Hurt.

* The new Big 12 contract rules (or lack of rules) shows up again with concurrent windows for ABC and FOX cable during both the Red River Shootout national window and the ABC 3:30pm window.  FOX did appear to adjust things with their Big 12 windows.  FOX College Sports showed Big 12 games on FSN at 12pm and 3:30pm with a C-USA game at 7pm.  The 12pm and 7pm windows have flip flopped. Maybe the conference wanted to have an evening game or did not want to overload the 12pm window with games on ABC, F/X and FSN at the same time.

* Don't know how close the NHL is to cancelling regular season games, since the regular season does start next Thursday.  But several RSNs are waiting to add college football games like FSN mid-afternoon and evening games, depending on the status of the NHL lockout.

* Administrative note: Due to travel next week, there's a decent chance I won't be blogging about selections, selection predictions or a look back at the selections made.  In the words of Mike Leach, "don't let it hamp your day".

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