Friday, October 12, 2012

Week 8 Late Selection Guesses

So many games were left to six day selections that I guess its worth doing guesses against them.  I'll break it down by conference and, more or less, the order that the dominoes will likely fall.

I'm making some assumptions.  Yell at me later if you think I'm on drugs if I don't pick your team.

Alabama at Tennessee, ESPN 12pm
LSU at Texas A&M, CBS 3:30pm
South Carolina at Florida, ESPN 7pm
Middle Tennessee at Mississippi St., FOX RSNs 7pm
Georgia at Kentucky, ESPN2 7:45pm

Big Ten
Michigan St. at Michigan, ESPN2 12pm
Purdue at Ohio St., BTN 12pm
Nebraska at Northwestern, ABC w/reverse mirror 3:30pm

Big 12
Texas Tech at TCU, F/X 12pm
Iowa St. at Oklahoma St., ABC w/reverse mirror 3:30pm
Baylor at Texas, ABC 8pm

NOTE: USF-Louisville in this scenario becomes a ABC regional game with ESPN3/Gameplan needed to see it in other areas.

Virginia Tech at Clemson, ABC 12pm
Duke at North Carolina, ESPNU 7pm

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