Sunday, November 3, 2013

11/16 CFB TV Guesses

The schedule so far

* I figured that Stanford-USC would look appealing to ABC in the primetime slot as Baylor-Texas Tech has lost some of its luster with two straight losses.
* With that said, I get the feeling that this would be a good week to hold a six day pick on the Pac-12 and Big 12 to see how the results of Oklahoma-Baylor and Stanford-Oregon come out to get the best game.  Oklahoma St.-Texas is sitting out there as well and could mean more to the conference title race in the event of a Baylor loss.
* FOX added a 3:30pm CFB window and moved the primetime window to 7:30pm.
* Conversely, FOX has dumped their 10pm FS1 window.  Found that out this morning when looking through TV listings.
* I thought about putting Alabama-Mississippi St. on CBS, but I wanted to go with what I felt would be the more competitive game.
* No more SEC games on FSN this year.  They've run through all of their telecast windows.
* There are two FSN national windows scheduled.  Both are set to be Big 12 games.
* Pac-12 Network lists their game windows at 2pm, 5:30pm and 9:30pm ET, respectively.
* Wyoming-Boise St. was set for ESPN2 to fulfill a requirement that Boise St. must appear on ABC, ESPN or ESPN2 at least three times during a season.  Part of the MW term sheet that was agreed upon when the MW contract with ESPN was signed.

12pm ESPN: Indiana at Wisconsin
12pm ESPN2: Ohio St. at Illinois
12pm FOX Sports 1: West Virginia at Kansas 
12pm ESPNEWS: Houston at Louisville
12pm ESPNU: Miami (FL) at Duke
12pm BTN: Purdue at Penn St.
12pm FSN: Iowa St. at Oklahoma
12pm American: Cincinnati at Rutgers
12pm SEC TV: Kentucky at Vanderbilt
12:30pm ACC Network: NC State at Boston College
12:30pm ACC RSNs: North Carolina at Pittsburgh
2pm Pac-12: California at Colorado
3:30pm FOX: Oregon St. at Arizona St.
3:30pm CBS: Georgia at Auburn
3:30pm ABC/ESPN2: Syracuse at Florida St.
3:30pm ABC/ESPN2: Michigan St. at Nebraska
3:30pm ESPNU: Maryland at Virginia Tech
3:30pm FSN: TCU at Kansas St.
3:30pm BTN: Michigan at Northwestern
4pm FOX Sports 1: Baylor vs. Texas Tech
5pm Pac-12: Utah at Oregon
7pm ESPN2: Florida at South Carolina
7pm ESPNU: Troy at Ole Miss
7:30pm FOX: Oklahoma St. at Texas
7:45pm ESPN: Alabama at Mississippi St.
8pm ABC: Stanford at USC
9:30pm Pac-12: Washington St. at Arizona
10:15pm ESPN2:  Wyoming at Boise St.
10:15pm ESPNU:  San Jose St. at Nevada

Connecticut at SMU
Memphis at USF
UCF at Temple
Akron at Massachusetts


youknowrobby said...

One thing to consider about the Texas vs Okla St game is the Formula One race that's just outside of Austin. Hotels are booked. Now, I know Texas has some heavy influence, but could they persuade an earlier start so the fans would have time to commute home?

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Great point re: F1. These picks were written while watching the race. Frankly, the Big 12 should have put Texas on road.

With that said, qualifying starts at 1pm ET per F1 website. It will be a consideration, but per Google Maps, they are 15mi apart door to door.

youknowrobby said...

Matt: I'm originally from the area and the race track is in the middle of no where. Now, new hotels could have been built, but most will have to come back into Austin for a place to sleep. Those in the area know that it's a nightmare back in forth, so who knows.....It's funny because the scheduling powers that be already scheduled a bye during the ACL music fest, now dealing with F1.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Appreciate the knowledge on the infrastructure. As to an earlier start, I don't know. Seems like the Pac-12 and Big 12, because of the nature of contracts with ESPN and FOX, seem to be tied together at times in selection order. They usually stay out of each others' way when it comes to broadcast selection windows.

And they won't have a date for the '14 grand prix set until December as I understand that both Mexico and NY/NJ are close to being dropped, so Austin's date, which was the week before Mexico, could be moved back to Mexico's date to not have a two week break between Austin and Brazil.