Monday, November 18, 2013

MWC TV Bonus Payout synopsis

When Boise St. withdrew its decision to leave the Mountain West, part of the term sheet agreed to was that the conference's TV revenues in football would have a new component based on games on widely viewed networks.  If a school appeared on a widely viewed network as part of the MW's television package, the competing schools would get a cut of revenue off the top.

The term sheet in question states that games on weeknights on significantly viewed networks (the term sheet defines those networks) would net the participating schools each $300K.  Any game that is on a Saturday earns an additional $200K ($500K total).  The bonuses are cumulative.

The MW TV revenue yearly average from both CBS Sports Network and ESPN were to be around $20 million.  Right now, I'm not taking into account whether the MW conference championship game is included in the bonus payments.  Here's what each school earned off the top before TV revenues are divided out.

Boise St. = $1.6 million (2 weeknight, 2 Saturday)
Fresno St. = $1.3 million (1 weeknight, 2 Saturday)
Wyoming = $1 million (2 Saturday)
San Diego St. = $800K (1 weeknight, 1 Saturday)
San Jose St. = $600K (2 weeknight)
New Mexico = $500K (1 Saturday)
Air Force = $300K (1 weeknight)
Nevada = $300K (1 weeknight)
Utah St. = $300K (1 weeknight)

Hawai'i is allegedly not part of the bonus system and instead gets to keep TV revenue from its PPV package.  Colorado St. and UNLV did not appear on any of the significantly viewed networks.  The remaining $13.3 million should be divided equally amongst the eleven schools.

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