Friday, November 8, 2013

A quick guide on the college basketball schedules

Wanted to briefly bring up a few items on the college basketball schedules

* I'm not as detailed re: streaming coverage compared to the football side of the house.  If a game is on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU or ESPNEWS, its on WatchESPN too.  If a game is on ESPN Full Court, it will be available on ESPN3 though there might be some blackout restrictions due to in-market television coverage.  Games that will be on ESPN3 but not part of ESPN Full Court will have the ESPN3 designation.

* Full Court's season listings have not yet come out yet. I'm relying on ESPN's schedule page to be updated, plus my DirecTV guide. Hopefully I can add games farther out into the season in the near future.

* Speaking of ESPN3, it is really the only streaming option I list.  Not because of preference, but it is a catch all of sorts for me.  These schedules would be a lot longer, and a lot more time consuming for me, if I listed every game's streaming option.  I can get through it for college football because its one game per week and Division I is a lot smaller in football.  With that said, the Mountain West, WCC, Horizon League, NEC, Big West, Patriot League and others have free streaming for many of their non televised games.

* RSN blackouts - they happen.  DirecTV and Dish Network have a mind of their own sometimes.

* CBS generally doesn't publish coverage maps for their regional coverage of games.  I will usually rely on and the maps created there.  If you want to know where a NFL game in the US, that's the place.

* Games where I have an RSN listing - I try to have those as updated as I can.  I try to have a preliminary list of RSNs out there for a game about a month in advance and then cross-check again about a week before the game.

* I have what I've been able to compile from schools, conferences, television networks, etc. but I know things are missing and appreciate anything that I can update or correct.  Please also respect that this schedules site is not my full time job and I may not be able to respond to everything that comes across my Twitter account or the email address for the site.

Thanks and enjoy the season.

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