Monday, November 4, 2013

Remaining TV window minimums/maximums to pay attention to..

An updated look at TV windows and appearance minimums/maximums.  Looked at these coming into November, so here's a refresh based on today's selections.  The SEC's selections, while not yet out, shouldn't make a difference.

  • 21 conference controlled games have aired or will air on ABC, ESPN, ESPN2 or ESPNU.  The commitment is a minimum of 24, which should be easy to hit over the next four weeks.
Big 12
  • All FOX commitments have been met.  Will have at least six games on broadcast network and six national games on FOX Sports 1.
  • ABC/ESPN have used 14 Big 12 selections (4 ABC, 8 ESPN Networks, 2 Longhorn Network) and have five left to use over three weeks.  Nine of the selections have been full national.  Big 12 says that at least 13 must be full national.
Big Ten
  • ABC/ESPN have used 35 of a maximum 41 selections (17 ABC, 18 ESPN Networks) with two weeks left.
  • All BTN appearance requirements have been met. Every team has appeared at least twice with one of them as part of a conference game.
  • All conference teams will be free to be selected by any TV package.  None will exceed a maximum of appearing nine times combined on FOX or ABC/ESPN platform.
  • FOX has selected 20 of their maximum 22 games, leaving two games to pick over the final two weeks
    • FOX has at least five games for their broadcast network and must air three more.  At least one of those three must be in primetime
    • Only one of FOX's remaining three games can air on cable, not including Notre Dame at Stanford which is waiting for its network to be determined.  If their selection on 11/16 airs on FOX Sports 1, the remaining three selections that FOX has are supposed to air on their broadcast network.
    • Since FOX has Notre Dame-Stanford on 11/30, that may be their only selection for the week and they might take two games next week.
  • ABC/ESPN has selected 19 of their 22 games.  Three selections remaining.
    • At least one of the four remaining games must be an ABC east coast primetime telecast, which will be filled by the 11/16 six day pick.
  • Boise St. must appear on ABC, ESPN or ESPN2 at least three times per season.  This requirement will be fulfilled by the Wyoming game on 11/16.
  • LSU & Georgia have been selected four times in the CBS package and cannot exceed six selections and neither one will exceed based on remaining available games.

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