Saturday, November 16, 2013

11/23 CFB Six Day Guesses

There's enough games to make a set of guesses for games not quite set for 11/23.

  • The Pac-12 was a tougher decision.  The Pac-12 Network picks before FOX Sports 1, so it really depends on the result of Stanford-USC.  A Stanford loss means that the Oregon-Arizona game has  meaning in the Pac-12 North.  A Stanford win, I think, clinches the Big Game for ESPN as it would be the last appearance for Stanford on ESPN until the Pac-12 title game.  So I'm assuming a Stanford win.
  • The Pac-12 Network slot is a 7:30pm local time start, so 9:30pm ET if the game is in Boulder or Tuscon & 10:30pm ET if the game is in Palo Alto or Pasadena.
  • I'm assuming a Miami win over Duke.
  • With UCLA's win last night, I've made the assumption that Arizona St.-UCLA will put the winner in control of their own destiny in the Pac-12 South and the most important Pac-12 game.
  • I did not use a reverse mirror at 3:30pm.  I think the Pac-12 game will be a full national cable game.  While two Big Ten games have been reverse mirrored before and in a very limited fashion, it really doesn't make much sense to do it again.

12pm ESPN: Michigan St. at Northwestern
12pm ESPN2: Virginia at Miami (FL)
12pn ESPNU: Duke at Wake Forest
12pm ESPNEWS: Cincinnati at Houston
12pm American: Memphis at Louisville
12pm BTN: Nebraska at Penn St.
3:30pm ABC: Indiana at Ohio St.
3:30pm ESPN: California at Stanford
3:30pm ESPN2: Wisconsin at Minnesota
3:30pm BTN Michigan at Iowa
4pm FOX Sports 1: USC at Colorado
7pm FOX: Arizona St. at UCLA
7pm ESPN2: Vanderbilt at Tennessee
7pm ESPNU: Kentucky at Georgia
9:30pm Pac-12 Network: Oregon at Arizona

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smokeybandit said...

Penn State/Nebraska is 3:30 BTN